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Pyramyd Airsoft Blog: Elite Force & Red Jacket Firearms

by News Fairy

Here is the latest on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog:

Elite Force Airsoft & Red Jacket Firearms Form a New Partnership


Elite Force announced today on their Facebook page that they’ve formed a partnership with Red Jacket Firearms, the company behind the popular TV Show, Sons of Guns.  While the announcement was brief and relatively general in terms of what to expect, they did say that these products won’t be out until next year (2013).

I placed a call into my boys at Elite Force, but they were like two vaults.  Andy Green just responded to my requests for more details by simply saying, "Come at me, bro."  This infuriated me and so I just hung up on him.

I do, however, have unconfirmed hunches that we might expect to see some of the most popular Red Jacket custom builds produced in Airsoft form… Read more

(Pyramyd Airsoft Blog)

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