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Gunman Airsoft March newsletter

by News Fairy

Here is the March newsletter from Gunman Airsoft:

Welcome to Gunman Airsoft News

Dear Arnies Airsoft news, Hello and welcome to the 2013 GMA newsletter.

Hi all and a warm welcome to the busiest February ever.  The worst month of the year and we hit record numbers at Eversley and Tuddenham’s open days.

Standard membership will cost £10 a year.  Payment can be made via PayPal (sales@gunmanairsoft.co.uk and quote your number and/or your name) or cash on the day.  UKARA memberships will not get renewed unless this is paid.  We have supported the UKARA since its start but it’s becoming more time consuming hence the £10 a year fee.

RETAIL – Target Action Supplies
Another huge restock before the end of 2012 has seen the shop swell back to its original glory.  See here for more info http://gunmanforum.com/index.php?showforum=210
We also offer a repair and up/down grade service.

What’s coming up?

EVENTS for March and April
March 23-24
D-Day Italian Campaign – The last bullet
55 pre book, with a 25 deposit to be paid. 65 on the gate.
PayPal sales@filmsim.co.uk for deposits.
Tuddenham Aerodrome

It’s 16th October 1944 and the Allied Armies are short of artillery and ammunition across the front and time is running out. If a result isn’t achieved soon, the allied war effort in Italy will peter out and a hard winter will follow. Kesselring has placed some of his best divisions, the 29th and 90th Panzer grenadier and 1st Parachute Divisions in the way of the US 5th Army. Our story takes us to a short fix supply LZ which has been hastily set up by a regiment of the British XIII core only a few miles for the front. Desperately needed supplies should be on imminent and units of the US 5th Army are getting a quick respite. The supplies will help the British 8th Army hold and continue their progress along route 9 so this supply LZ has been given a priority.

Unknown to the Allied Command, 2 small but well armed German units from the 90th Panzer grenadier and 1st Parachute Divisions have found a route through the lines through the mountains passes and have located the LZ and plan to cut short even further the Allied Supplies.

This battle is fictitious but could very easily happened, especially with the continued issues both side had with the lines changing and moving unequally and the terrain being so difficult to move around.

This game has been opened to both sides but will be capped at 60 to ensure a great experience.

The standard game rules for D-Day battle with be used, but for the first time we shall use a real steel ammo limit.
See here for more info http://gunmanforum.com/index.php?showforum=244

April 6-7
Red Mist 13 Cut-Throat
GMA Herts Event site.
65 with 30 deposit payable to PayPal sales@filmsim.co.uk
Setting: South West Poland
January 1984

Local NATO intelligence sources in Northern Czechoslovakia have reported that Colonel Adrik Vanya, (who fled the conflict in Afghanistan when his loyalty was brought into question) has been apprehended and brought back to a Soviet Communist ‘Re-education’ facility just south of Wroclaw – Poland. NATO command believe the preliminary interrogation of Col. Vanya was a key factor in the leak of information regarding the Harvester ship, and subsequently caused the sabotage of NATO’s fuel supply in the region.
Local pro-western assets, who have been in country for some time posed as members of the Polish community, have reported that the Soviet Re-education center is lightly guarded. NATO command has drawn up a daring raid to liberate Vanya with any documentation, and extract him to Western-friendly territory for cross-interrogation. Capturing Vanya would be a massive strategic bonus for NATO, as his experience and knowledge of the Black Gold region of Afghanistan, would allow them to re-establish fresh lines of oil to the front lines.

Our story follows the men of a US Task Force Raven, (made up of 75th Rangers and 1st SFOD- Delta) and a Platoon of British Infantry as they establish an extraction point and evacuation route for the raiding party returning with Vanya from nearby. Already deployed in the region are Warpact units from the DDR paratrooper regiment and motor rifles. However, Russian troops have been observed in a camp a few miles from the area and could respond quickly if needed.

This is a full Filmsim game with no end scenario. The joint social will be Friday night, then the groups will establish their camps and will camp in the field on Saturday night. There will be a cease fire for more group socials in their camps in the early evening, however there will be live objectives in the dark hours which players (who wish to carry on) can defend/go out looking for. The groups must be kept separate from each other and expected to stay in role throughout. All of us have the kit so let’s bloody use it. Each camp will be designated a ‘safe area/non-attackable’ so those not wishing to participate in the night time element can do so, we’d still recommend keeping your eye protection on though.

See here for more info http://gunmanforum.com/index.php?showforum=108

Site News and game days.

All the sites will be getting an early build day scheduled in 2013 so keep an eye out of a news letter update.

Operations weekends
Hi guys, we have a new style of game that has been tried and tested at Eversley for the past 6 months.  Operations weekends will feature long running stories that are played over the weekend and lead on to the following month and you can do one day or the weekend.  The missions can take anything for 30 mins to 2hrs to play out and due to the organic nature of this style of game, may well change its course and outcome, these games are not fixed or rigid, but flow naturally which is what makes them work so well.
All the usual Filmsim elements rules apply with the addition of Desert or Tan clothing being worn.  We would rather guys make an effort to look like the side they are playing but it’s not essential.  We have a huge pile of desert and green MARPAT for free rental if you have nothing.  The sides will fill up via the booking threads on the forums and we ask everyone to be a bit flexible with which side they play on, but we will always try to keep groups or mates together.

Tuddenham news
A bit more build and tidy work done, but we have a major build day coming up soon so keep your eyes posted on the GMA forum.

Norwich news
Nothing to report but planning is still pending via an Appeal.  No matter what we will continue to run our 1st of the month games there.  So don’t fret Norwich, Gunman still loves you.
We will be bringing Skirmish To Norwich once a month very soon so watch this space.

Eversley news
Car park and entrance is being redone and we have more stuff built in the village and out in the field.  This site will take forever to finish but is already perfect as she is.  Scorp (Steve H) is still drawing up plans for the new ‘NAM Village’ and we will need hands on deck to get it built so please help out as much as you can community;)

Next Game Days coming up for March

Weekend Open days, Camping is free, so feel join us on the Sat night for beers round the camp fire.
March 2-3
April 6-7
£25 for the day
£40 for the weekend
Full shop on site and tuck shop will be available.

Tuddenham FILMSIM – Operations
Join us for a day or two at the one and only’ Tuddenham Aerodrome’ for Filmsim Elements.  Camping if free and you can turn up Friday night if you want to make a weekend of it.
£25 for the day
£40 for the weekend
Full shop on site and limited hot food will be available.

Eversley FILMSIM Operations
Weekend Open days, Camping is free, so feel join us on the Sat night for beers round the camp fire.
£25.00 of one day
£40.00 for the weekend
Full shop on site and tuck shop will be available.

Tuddenham End of Month SKIRMISH
Join us for a day or two at the one and only Tuddenham Aerodrome for the End of the Month Skirmish.  Camping if free and you can turn up Friday night if you want to make a weekend of it.
£25.00 of one day
£40.00 for the weekend
Full shop on site and limited hot food will be available.

Northwest Yorkshire FILMSIM
Single day open day at the new Quarry site ‘The Badlands’ and the CQB ‘Pot Factory’
See here for details http://gunmanforum.com/index.php?showforum=230
£25 walk on    
£40 with gun hire special opening price.
Limited shop and hot food on site.

General game reminders

BANDAGES, for GOD SAKE– Again!!!  Guys, if you play Filmsim regularly please start bringing your own bandages with you.

All Games.
Can guys please try to get on site for 8.30! to get signed in and crono.  We are still getting guys turn up after 9.30 which is briefing time and with the night’s still drawing in we will end the day around 3.30pm – 4pm on game days.

April 2013 at a glance
6-7 Norwich – Filmsim open day.
13-14 Tuddenham – Filmsim Ops weekend
20-21 Eversley – Filmsim Ops weekend
27-28 Tuddenham – End of month Skirmish.

Word from the front
Hi guys, thanks for all your support over February, we had a few quiet days but still had record numbers so can’t complain.  We have had a few more sites to look at and a real corker in Crewe on the cards, another in Wells by Sea and a few more around the midlands to look at.  Our key goal is to link up with the north and the midlands so you can get to a Gunman site with no more than a 1hrs drive.  A bold goal, but we’re doing everything we can to keep people shooting Gunman.

There is an onsite questionnaire being put together to give us feedback on the sites, the games and what you would like to see.  Obviously a burger van is NOT an option , but hot and cold food is one of the things we’re looking at.  Also, we need feedback on the onsite shop and things you think we could do with stocking.   Please fill the forms in when you next play.

Cheers all


GMA has a pay pal account:
Don’t forget to add the 3.4% charge on top or make it a gift.
Also we can now except credit/debit cards over the phone.
New Address
93 Glinton Road, Helpston, PE6 7DG

07854 277264
Email enquiries@gunmanairsoft.co.uk


Regards, Josh Smith (Gunman Airsoft)

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