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Elite Airsoft massive ICS sale

by News Fairy

Elite Airsoft have reduced the prices of their ICS stock:

Guys, We are having a sale of ICS kit.

To get your summers off to the best possible start we have reduced the price on ALL Galil and ALL Sig metal body rifles.

In many cases we have slashed 30% from our normal retail prices, and pretty much guarantee these are the lowest prices in Europe, let alone the UK.

ICS-91 GALIL ARM Previously 370 Now 260
ICS-92 GALIL AR Previously 335 Now 236
ICS-94 GALIL GRM Previously 379 Now 266
ICS-95 GALIL GR Previously 345 Now 241
ICS-96 GALIL MRS Previously 345 Now 245
ICS-51 SG-551 Previously 280 Now 200
ICS-52 SG-552 Previously 260 Now 190
ICS-53 ICS-51 SWAT Desert Previously 280 Now 210
ICS-54 DE color SG-552 Commando Previously 260 Now 170
ICS-55 SG-551 LB DE version Previously 295 Now 215
ICS-56 SG-552 LB Previously 285 Now 215
ICS-151 SG-551-LB MRS Previously 370 Now 240
ICS-152 SG-552 MRS Previously 350 Now 215
ICS-153 SG-551 MRS-DE Previously 315 Now 215
ICS-154 SG-552 MRS-DE Previously 315 Now 215

Happy shopping, John (Elite Airsoft)

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