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Tiger111HK newsletter 31st May 2013

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Here is the latest newsletter from Tiger111HK:

Nearly 40% off discount for King Arms 200 rounds high capacity BB loader.
Make reloading your airsoft magazine as easy as mechanical pencil.
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New Airsoft Guns are in-stock now

saved_resource(2)CYMA CM.125 AEP (Black)
This CM.125 is a replica of HK USP Pistol. The USP marked the first time Heckler & Koch chose to incorporate many traditional handgun design elements, such as those saved_resource(3)of John Browning’s M1911, in one pistol. Two principles guided its development—the first being the use of a molded polymer frame, and the second being the creation of a "pistol paradigm". Heckler & Koch observed the strong points of its previous successful pistols for insight in developing the USP.
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saved_resource(4)G&P M870 Short Entry Shogun (Tan & Black)
– Full metal short length outer barrel with railed handguard
saved_resource(5)– Include a new style CNC AR series pistol grip and rear stock adpator
– Included a QD Stubby Foregrip and a QD Sling Swivel
More details

saved_resource(6)Classic Army SA58 OSW Assault AEG Rifle
SA58 is an US made 7.62 rifle by DSA, which manufactures parts of the Original FAL Rifle and entire FAL Rifle in Semi-auto only for civilian and law enforcement (US market is hard to import entire FAL rifle from overseas because of the US Law).

saved_resource(7)SA58 OSW AEG comes with a shortern carbine front set with rail hand guard and a para folding stock which can make its length shorter.

– Comes with metal frame with DSA marking
– Comes with SAW type pistol grip
– Comes with Metal made Folding Para Style rear stock

More details


12% Off Discount for all Tokyo Mauri Product!


Some of the CYMA product have a special price.


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