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WGC newsletter 29th August 2013

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Here is all the latest news from WGC:

imageMagpul PTS / KWA MOE RM4 ERG
Magpul PTS release the MOE RM4 ERG, ERG means electric recoil gun. The gun will have strong recoil feeling during the shooting, also the unique system will available push the last bb up into the chamber and stop the firing when magazine is empty. The magazine is easy to select from storage 30 / 60 rounds. The gun still available to use the normal AEG magazine, but the stop firing when empty function will goes off.
Build Material: Aluminum / Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Gear Box: Proprietary Gearbox, V2 Compatible
Magazine: 30 / 60 Rounds ( 6mm ), adjustable
Length: 789-871mm
Weight: 3350g
Muzzle Velocity: Approx. 380-400 FPS with 0.2g BBs
Battery: Mini type / split type Li-Po Battery, 3-cell compatible, mini type plug ( not included )
Package includes: AEG, Magazine, Manual
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imageUmarex / VFC UMP DynamiX GBBR
The Dynamix Version pre-install the Aluminum bolt carrier and the latest type of loading nozzle. Make the gun more durable. The aluminum bolt is lighter weight than the original bolt makes the rate of fire increase, and better reaction on the single shot.

Magazine Capacity: 25 ( 6mm )
Length: 690mm
Barrel Length: about 180mm
Weight: 1790g
System: Gas Blowback, Semi / Full Auto, Hop-Up
Muzzle Velocity: 370-400FPS w/ 0.2g BBs & Top Gas
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual
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imageKing Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago AEG
King Arms release the new version of the M1928, the famous “Chicago typewriter”. King Arms made it on full metal and wood , also correct the upper receiver to the right one and got the licensed marking from Saeilo Enterprises Inc make it same as the real steel. The gun comes with 450 round Drum Magazine. Player who love this gun must not miss it!!
Main Material: Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Real Wood
Magazine: 450 Rds
Length: 857mm
Barrel Length: 315mm
Weight: 3885g
Battery: Large Type ( Not Included )
Muzzle Velocity: 370-390 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
Package Includes: Gun, Drum Magazine
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King Arms SIG 516 (Tactical Patrol /CQB/PDW)


King Arms release the SIG 516 with the trademark of SAN by permission of Cybergun. The magazine are made from plastic and really lightweight and durable. With variety of length allow player to choose from, player may save time on modification

Main Material: Aluminum, Nylon

Length: 624-706mm(PDW)/699-781mm(CQB)/800-880mm(Tactical Patrol)
Battery: Nunchuck Type ( not included )
Magazine: 310 Rds
Muzzle Velocity: 350-370 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
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imageACE A3 Electice AEG – FESP
Player who wish to have a unique AUG, this may what you need. The ACE release the A3 version of AUG, preinstalled Phantom-II Kit on the base of the JG AUG. This gun is save the time for modify from conversion kit.

Magazine: 170 Rounds
Length: 932mm
Weight: 3850g
Muzzle Velocity: 340-360 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
Battery: Mini Type ( Not Included )
Package includes: AEG, Magazine
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Special Offer

imageARES M60E4 AEG
ARES M60E4 AEG Now Only $344 Save Up to 15%
Build Material: Nylon Fiber / Aluminum Alloy / Steel
Gearbox: Custom Metal Gearbox
Motor: High Torque Flat Motor
Magazine: 4000 Rds Auto Winding Box Magazine
Length: 930mm
Barrel Length:/
Weight: 5150g
Muzzle Velocity: 340-360FPS ( with 0.2g BB bullet )
Battery: Large Type ( Not Included )
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2013 August 29 – Restock List

CM M79 Grenade Launcher
CYMA AKS-101 AEG ( CM040 / Metal )
ICS L86A2 AEG ( Metal Version )
ICS M1 Garand AEG
Pro-Win GI 20 Style 30 Rds Magazine for WA-Compatible GBB M4 Series ( Gen 2 )
VFC Original Parts – S-E-F Grip Set for G36 GBB Series
VFC HK416 GBB Lower Receiver
VFC 100 Rds AEG Magazine for HK417 Series
Marui 28 Rds Magazine for Marui Hi-Capa 4.3
Systema Hop-Up Sets for M4A1/M16A2
Umarex / KWA USP.45 Tactical Full Metal
Umarex / KWA 21rds Magazine for USP Compact
KSC G17 with Metal Slide ( Taiwan Version )
KWA M4 SR12 AEG ( Gen. 2 Model )
KWA 50 Rounds Gas Magazine for Kriss Vector
CYMA AIMS Blowback AEG ( CM050 / Metal / Real Wood )
DYTAC x TS Metal Receiver w/ Patch Set ( We Shoot Target Right )
Guarder G-C7 Eye Protection Glasses
Guarder Aluminum Slide & Frame for MARUI Desert Eagle .50 ( Black )
Guarder Enhanced Full Kits for Marui P226R ( Ver. 2010 / Black )
Guarder Teflon Grease for AEG Gearbox
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