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Tiger111HK newsletter 31st August 2013

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Here is the latest newsletter from Tiger111HK:

Magpul PTS X KWA Metal RM4 ERG Scout AEG (Black)
saved_resource(1)saved_resource(2) – PTS RM4 ERG (ERG = Electric Recoil Gun) Series is the newest AEG Series targeting for both airsoft game and realistic training.
– KWA Custom Gear Box with the new Kinetic Feedback System
– Ready to go for 400 – 420 FPS without modification.


saved_resource(9)saved_resource(8)King Arms Lincenced SIG 516 AEG Rifle
– SIG SAUER marking  is authorized by Cybergun company .
– SIG 516 Rifle
Three Model  :  PDW Edition  /  CQB Edition /  Tactical Patrol Version
All model Link :  http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=KA+516 

SIG 516 CQB Edition
–  CQB Version with a 10.5 inch barrel, similar to M933 / M4 CQBR.
link : http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p23413/King-Arms-Lincenced-Metal-SIG-516-CQB-Assault-Rifle-AEG-(Black)/product_info.html


SIG 516 PDW Edition
–  Compact Version with a 7 inch barrel.
link : http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p23412/King-Arms-Lincenced-Metal-SIG-516-PDW-AEG-(Black)/product_info.html


SIG 516 Tactical Patrol Edition
–  Patrol type Assault Rifle with a 14.5 inch barrel, similar to the normal M4A1 Rifle. 
link  :  http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p23414/King-Arms-Lincenced-Metal-SIG-516-Tactical-Patrol-AEG-(Black)/product_info.html


saved_resource(8)[1]King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago EBB Rifle
M1928 SMG is the first type of the Thompson SMG widely used by US Navy and US Marine Corps from 1930s. It was the enhanced version of the M1921 which comes with a weight added actuator for slow down the cycle rate of fire. It was used by US army, FBI and law enforcement until 1970s.
The Thompson Marking on the M1928 EBB is all licenced by Cybergun.
Realistic outlook of the real M1928 Thompson SMG.


saved_resource(23)S&T ST-57 Assault AEG Rifle
T-57 is originally a PDW type upper receiver for M4 / M16 Lower receiver, which is designed for firing 5.7x28mm round from standard P90 Box magazine. User can buy the Receiver Kit only as they want to bulid up the rifle with their original lower receiver, or they can buy as a fully assembled, stand alone rifle in semi-auto. Full-auto version is now available but only marketed to Law Enforcement according to US Law.

Below M231 Stock Version  :
-Comes with a PEQ type Battery box which can install 8.4V PEQ type Battery or 7.4V Lipo Battery


Below Crane Stock Version :



saved_resource(30)KSC AKS74U GBB Assault Rifle
– System 7 two GBB system
– Adjustable rear sight with “∩” & “4-5” marking.
– Included 42 rounds Magazine.
Made in Taiwan

Link : http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p23434/KSC-Metal-AKS74U-GBB-Assault-Rifle-%28Black-/-Wood%29/product_info.html


In Active Promotion :


Thank you for your reading.

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