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Patrol Base – Interlink Express 15 minute tracking service

by News Fairy

Patrol Base’s courier Interlink Express have introduced a 15 minute tracing service:

PATROL BASE – Interlink Express 15 Minute Tracking Service! – Click the link to the left or the image to watch the video!

Interlink have created a neat new feature where you can see exactly where the delivery driver is in the last 15 minutes before it is due at your doorstep!

All we need is for you to provide an up to date mobile number and email address on your future orders or update your account information now.

Interlink will text you and email you notifying you of their new service and you can see where the driver is 15 minutes before he comes to your delivery address. A great feature for you to know whether or not you will be home in time from a quick shop or visiting the family.

If you can’t get home in time you can choose to have the driver leave the parcel at a neighbour or re arrange a delivery that best suits you!

Watch the video above to find out all the info and more.
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(Patrol Base)

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