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First glimpses of the new King Arms L1A1 SLR

by News Fairy

MadBadger Airsoft have sent over their first impressions of the new King Arms L1A1 SLR:


First glimpses of the new King Arms L1A1 SLR.

Dear Arnies,

clip_image004[1]Our delivery of the much anticipated new version of the King Arms L1A1 (SLR) arrived today at Mad Badger Airsoft! Whilst there will be an in depth report coming on Airsoft Odyssey and Arnies, I thought I will send you my initial impressions and, of course, those essential first pictures of the guns seen worldwide!

clip_image006[1]clip_image008[1]On opening a box of SLR’s, the first thing I noticed was that the boxes of the individual guns are as they were back in 2008! A solid, decorative, King Arms gun box, picturing the weapon in a glossy black and red finish. When opened, the SLR was solidly fixed in foam, along with the magazine and King Arms booklets. On removing the SLR from the foam, I noticed the tag attached to the gun with the individual test details and individual serial number. On inspecting the gun, I found that the weapon was finished in a superior way to the first version back in 2008, with better joins in the stock and handguard (pictured), and all the serial numbers and trades properly displayed in the receiver. The weight of the SLR was excellent and the cocking handle felt right, with the cocking of the weapon appropriate.

clip_image010[1]As someone who has fired the real steel SLR, and carried the 2008, first version SLR by King Arms, I have to say that my first impressions leave me stunned for words! I cannot thank my friends at King Arms enough for their work on this project and clip_image012putting up the nagging from us at gun shows, such as the IWA Show and Shot Show, to get the gun back in production. From what I can see so far, King Arms took a risk, and it will amply pay off for UK Airsofters and King Arms.

More to come on Airsoft Odyssey and Arnies.

Maree Davidson. (MadBadger Airsoft)

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