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Airsoft Squared hub pages

by News Fairy

Airsoft Squared have added a couple of new features to their website:

Hi, Airsoft Squared just released a couple of new functionalities and we wanted to tell you about it :

1. As more and more brands and bloggers come on Airsoft Squared to communicate about their new products, we created "Hub" pages for brands. Hub pages let users follow all the news and reviews about their favorite brands. Example with a these manufacturers :

Tokyo Marui (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/fr/search?q=tokyo+marui&c=all)
King Arms (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=King+arms&c=all)
G&G (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=g%26g&c=all)
WE Airsoft (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=we+airsoft&c=all)
KWA : (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=KWA+airsoft&c=all)
Classic Army (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=classic+army&c=all)
Cyma (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=Cyma&c=all)

But it also work with the most famous retailers of Airsoft guns such as :
Redwolf (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=redwolf+airsoft&c=all)
Evike (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=evike&c=all)
eHobby Asia (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/search?q=ehobbyasia&c=all)

And many more

With time, the Hub pages will be improved and there is a chance that we will soon implement videos about the manufacturers, photos about its products and more…
2. Maybe you have missed it, but we have created 2 great goodies :

– An Airsoft map of the players and companies in the world (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/maps)
– A visual feed of photos and videos of Airsoft (link is http://www.airsoft-squared.com/mediacenter)

3. Airsoft Squared is improving its accessibility worldwide and the site will soon be available in 22 languages. We are in the debugging phase right now.

We hope you’ll like it.

Cheers, Thomas (Airsoft Squared)

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