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Maree & Keith at IWA2014: Action SL MK4 Sterling SMG

by News Fairy

Maree & Keith have shared their latest report from IWA over at Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey:

Action SL MK4 Sterling SMG

Well, those of us in the community who are into collecting have been waiting a very long time for the production of a Sterling sub-machine gun! Until recent years, the Sterling was a mainstay of British and some Commonwealth forces in their requirement for a reliable sub-machine gun. Therefore, any production run of such an iconic gun becomes a major must have with all collectors! That being the case, we are sad to report that the Sterling is going to cost a pretty penny, and you will need to spend more once you have possession of it to get it to perform to the standard you would expect, that is if you want to skirmish with it!


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(Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

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