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August Airsoft Medicine podcast

by News Fairy

Dr Airsoft talks eye penetration injuries or rather lack of them in airsoft with a special guest in this month’s Airsoft Medicine podcast:

August Airsoft Medicine podcast

We have a very special guest from the world of Airsoft Ophthalmology join us for our August Airsoft Medicine podcast. 

Dr. Timothy Chou of the State University of New York, Stoneybrook, discusses the only known case of eye penetration by an airsoft bb.  The ironic point made by Dr. Chou is the remarkable safety record of the airsoft sp0rt demonstrated by the rarity of this unique case.  He notes that enucleation (removal of the eye globe) is more commonly a result of serious paintball eye injuries.  We also again emphasize the need to wear adequate eye protection when playing airsoft, and even when target shooting. 

Rangemaster Larry provides an update on SB 199 which has since passed the California Assembly Appropriations Committee.

(Airsoft Medicine)

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