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WGC stock update 25th September 2014

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Here is all the latest stock news from WGC:


ARES M4 Assault Rifle ( Dark AEG Earth\ Black )


ARES had just release the new M4 Assault Rifle. The gun are made of nylon fiber reinforce polymer as the body with Aluminum Handguard. The new Design Buttstock enlarge the release button, user are easy to press button even during have gloves. The gun also comes with new design magazine. Which contain the handle for fast drawing at the bottom of the magazine. The gun also comes with 2 extra rail and 2 small angle grip for easier holding the gun.

Built Material: Nylon Fiber reinforced polymer / Aluminum Alloy
Gear Box: Proprietary Gearbox
Motor: Hi-Torque Motor
Magazine: 140 Rds
Length: 630-735mm
Barrel Length: /mm
Weight: 2410g
Battery:  Li-Po Ready, Mini Plug, Battery compartment approx. 95x35x20mm ( not included )
Muzzle Velocity:  380-400 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, Rail Section x2
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Action Army AAC21 ( Black/FDE )


The AAC 21 are base on the gas version M700 with CNC machined Aluminum Chassis. The chassis provide the platform not only make it similar to M4 shooter which can install collapsible stock and GBB M4 grip. It also provides additional rail for install optic and rail for other accessories. The gas version of the gun make it can easier to pull the bolt and make a stable shot! The long magazine can hold up to 27 shot. Give you more time focus on the target!

Built Material: Aluminum / metal alloy / ABS
Magazine Capacity: 27
Length: 1008 – 1084mm
Barrel Length: /mm
Weight: 3650g
System: Gas Bolt Action
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400FPS ( with 134a & 0.2g BBs )
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual
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imageWE R5C AEG ( Black )
WE had just release the compact type m4 , The gun come with no marking on the receiver , allow user to laser mark by your own preference. It had the compact 416c type collapsible butt stock and 8 inch handguard and silencer. Make this gun perfectly fit on the close quarter combat. The package comes with fast detach sling mount and 2 addition rail for you to mount on any accessories.
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Gear Box:  /
Magazine Capacity: 300 ( 6mm )
Length: 505-630mm
Barrel Length: /
Weight: 2635g
Battery: 11.1V Tiple Pack Li-Po Battery ( not included )
Muzzle Velocity: 400-420 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Rail Sections, QD Swivel, Manual
WGC Shop Product Website

imageWE Carved Patterns G34 Gas Pistol w/Marking ( Bronze )
We also release the new version carved G34. The gun this time come with marking !. The guns come with 1 piece of sand paper! It is not for you to smooth the action of the gun. It’s for you to scratch the gun slide and lower receive to make the outer paint of the gun and make your own style of the craved. The gun also can use the original G17 magazine. So user can use the same magazine when you pick this gun for skirmish.

Built Material: Nylon / Metal Alloy
Magazine Capacity: 21+1
Length: 197mm
Weight: 700g
System: Gas Blowback / Hop Up
Muzzle Velocity: 270-290 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs & Top Gas
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Grip Back Straps
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2014 25 September – Restock List
Marui G17 Gas Pisto
Marui Night Warrior Gas Pistol
KWA M4A1 M.P PTS Editiion GBB Rifle ( System 7II / With Extra Magazine )
Detonator SXI Type Aluminum Slide Set for Marui HK45 Gas Pistol ( Black )
PTS Mega Arms MKM AR15 GBB
APS M40A3 Cartridge Ejection Airsoft Rifle
PANTAC Commander V3 Chest Harness ( CB )
LCT TX-1 Rail Handguard for AK AEG Series
LCT AK74 Front Sight & Flash Hider
GRENADE Girl Grip for Goverment Series
LCT AK74 450rds High Capacity Magazine ( Black / 10pcs Package )
G&P Free Float Recoil System Airsoft Gun-004
G&P Electric BB-067 Type D AEG
G&P M4 Defender AEG
Guarder Steel Hop-Up Kit for KSC M4A1 GBB
KWA 40Rds Magazine for AKG-74M GBB
Marui 82 Rds Magazine for M4 / SCAR-L Next Gen. AEG ( Black }
Marui P226 Rail Gas Pistol
AngryGun CNC 6 Shell Side Carrter for TM M870
AngryGun CNC Stock Kit for Marui M870 ( Not included Grip and Stock )
Element GS X Offset Light Mount ( BK )
Element MRDS w/ Mount ( Black )
APS Evolution Tech 10 Inch Key Mod Handguard
APS Co2 Cartridge for CAM7870M ( 8 Pieces Pack )
APS ASR115 12.5 Inch Key Mod Match Grade Blowback AEG

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