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Airsoft Atlanta Black Friday sale weekend

by News Fairy

Airsoft Atlanta have sent over details of their Black Friday sale weekend:


10% OFF Everything + FREE Shipping on Orders Over $180
*See Sale Page for Details

5e_3mMYh1OYpuKcfzGyqG8yIrOEHAz7MztcWRUc0Ulf5w0NLH9UuHLVsHTf5w3pS4RXYau-aYKn8mNHHOP74QeJb0POBHKv1Z3vbgC9ukJgv2vHBgfePMEeH1sYC48tLvqJGEa7rBhA0-gxRb2U2UQ=s0-d-e1-ftKWA SR10 AEG Airsoft Rifle
Our Price: $375.00
Back in stock after being sold out for awhile! The KWA SR-10 rifle is a must have for the serious airsoft player. Full metal, reliable gearbox, and upgraded parts make it an awesome gun. We have a limited supply of these and the SR7 AEG as well. Check it out.

9S59AN0CzcR5yhS_zLnOzvXlrR4m5rtm5kfH31hKq8wTxX5KLjzh65b9JpTFofJeBhbJBsc1aI1FYpKf1SuwbpEfJnguMgGAld342jUHDli3=s0-d-e1-ftKWA ATP Gas Pistol
Our Price: $129.99
Full metal gas gun by KWA? Fits in a Glock 17 holster? Yes, it does! KWA ATP pistols are finally back in stock and flying off the shelves again. Hurry before we run out of them again. And you can’t beat our price, with the 10% off sale adding to its savings!

5MXN77hTr_Yq3N9zk3NWj6qQKDw6P7klPR0EgqaZtj2DZcEbkkQZIotjeogowO1_6cY8Yz2h8iR5dGmDM9GvNctxwgVyezcqCvWRKSqo7Ncz=s0-d-e1-ftNCStar Crossdraw Vest in Kids’ Sizes
Our Price: $29.99
The seriously popular Crossdraw vest for full sized adults is now available in Kid’s Size! This is not for small adults, this is for children around 9-13 or so. Same quality as the larger version, just scaled down a bit. We love it!

See Sale Page link for details. Airsoft Atlanta is shipping all orders same day as usual. See our shipping map on the order policy page for detailed transit times. We promise to quickly ship your order out if you place it in time for Christmas. See our Facebook page for updates. Check it all out here Learn More»

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