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Steel M1919 now available from PolarStar

by News Fairy

PolarStar have announced details of their new steel M1919:


It has been a long time coming but the PolarStar M1919’s are finally available. These guns were created using original M1919 blue prints and are as close to the real firearm as the ATF will allow. It took several months of research to gather the information and several more months to manufacture it but all of that time and effort really shows in the final product. The gun is built right here at our shop in the USA and is constructed following many of the same procedures used to make the real firearm. The result is one of the finest and most realistic M1919 replicas produced to date. There will only be 25 of these steel beauties made so these are true collector pieces.

The gun is so close to the real firearm that it is built using several parts from the real M1919 to include the box magazine, grip and sights. The base model is the M1919A4 but, because it is so close to the real firearm, we are even able to offer custom built-to-order models using real steel parts such as the barrel shroud, booster, sights, grips, mounts and tripod.


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