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WGC stock update 5th July 2015

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from WGC:

Mechanix Wear M-Pact 3 2015 Version

image2015 New Features:

Molded split-knuckle impact protection.

TrekDry® material helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

Armortex® fingertip material provides durable gripping power.

Armortex® grip reinforces the palm.

XRD® palm padding absorbs shock and vibration.

Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) wrist closure provides a secure fit to the wrist.

Nylon cord loop provides convenient glove storage.

Machine washable.

WGC Online Price Carbine US$45.95*


VFC MK18 MOD1 GBB ( 2015 Version )


Licensed marking

New lower receiver accepts real sized buffer tube / stock

Steel hammer

New loading nozzle with adjustable gas output

New hop chamber design, utilizes GBB pistol style hop packing

WGC Online Price US$385


Ghost Holster available in WGC Now!


Available Model :

Glock 17, Colt 1911, Beretta 92, Beretta PX4, CZ SP01, Walter P99, S&W M&P9

WGC Online Price US$54


PolarStar Jack V2

Fire mode/s: Full Auto, Semi Auto, Variable Burst
Gearbox Profile: TM Spec Version 2
Included Nozzle Type: M4/M16 Series
Cyclic Rate: 1 RPS to 30+ RPS
Fire Modes: Semi / 2 to 9 Shot Burst, Semi / Full Auto, Semi Only
Power Source: HPA (High Pressure Air via remote air rig)
FCU Battery: 7-10VDC w/ JST Connector
PSI Operating Range: 40 psi. to 130 psi.
Build Material: Aluminum / Delrin

WGC Online Price US$315

5 July 2015 – Restock List

ACE 1 KRISS Vector Right Hand Magazine Release for KWA KRISS Vecto GBB US$37
ACE 1 OSP Sytle Mock Suppressor RangeUp Series ( 8 inch / 6.01 / FDE ) US$79.5
Umarex / VFC HK417 12 Inch AEG US$403
VFC VR16 Saber Carbine AEG ( Black ) US$246
VFC MK18 MOD 1 AEG ( FDE ) US$378
Umarex / VFC 30 Rds Gas Magazine for HK416 / AR GBB Series US$48
Madbull Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 9.0 ( Black ) US$97
Olight M22 Warrior LED Flashlight ( Max 950 Lumens ) US$89.95*
Olight S30R Baton LED Flashlight ( Max 1000 Lumens ) US$79.95*
Marui MP5A5 HC AEG US$231
Marui PSG-1 AEG US$407
Marui MNP9 V Custom Gas Pistol US$153
Marui M870 Tactical US$265
ZOT ZB-30 Lower Handguard for AK Airsoft Gun US$84
ZOT ZPT-1 Stock for AK Airsoft Gun US$145
Pro-Win CNC Chamber for M4 AEG Series US$18

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