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Airsoft Atlanta – September update–new products

by News Fairy

Here is the latest stock news from Airsoft Atlanta:


4lD0eAT0qvofjiIGnu4qMoQT_iANf6hdiNO7G1TvS8bJLhXfopkWlEajT3NYq9ovmBCaw35BZtwQ-yz_2oYXAiGxYZ6-pPjFAD6mkfHQ-8iY=s0-d-e1-ftNEW – KWA ‘Metal Receiver’ M4 AEGs
Our Price: $199.95

KWA has replaced its plastic body M4 line with metal receiver versions for the same price! $199 gets you a legendary KWA gearbox and metal receiver gun. Original M4 and the CQB model are both available and ready to ship. 330-350 FPS right out of the box.

JtadFGieDeM_jZghJdzxlApa01W1PU7FlkImllGGB2wizEhQV2jxzsGDYX63gyMDRVGRCc4d9tUqpxZMUkQuxw40w6kd49PRc9yrRJamG1HI=s0-d-e1-ftFNX-45 Black Gas Pistol
Our Price: $250.00

FN makes some of the best guns in the world. Now the FNX-45 green gas pistol is available in all black color. Guns are in stock and shipping, along with spare gas magazines.

eRsdm309AMX-5s8-1DcG_bsCEkIt3Y9Ndp47dLDWOuVOM17Qt_HJfkKW_KmSedMeduGuT63GaXpV1spV6eYb52BvotHYpjITy29uKD1Xashh=s0-d-e1-ftKrytac – Trident Enhanced LMG Keymod
Our Price: $499.99

Krytac’s newest LMG AEG is a keymod variant with a gigantic box magazine. Reliable and high quality right out of the box! One of the best LMGs on the airsoft market.

XxweNpPWw9eBSgLYmbxZIM_UMuLwoMVVsMOaULzbEjV4ZH5BdZfigYyB6hC7ZXchvMe-uw1iosoaI78QKU14UTVjKTf3uz3gYMJ2ZcSDdtiI=s0-d-e1-ftLancer Tactical Jumpable Plate Carrier
Our Price: $65.00

Now stocking more Lancer Tactical gear including their new vests. Several vest styles in various colors are all in stock and shipping.


  • Lower prices on many in-stock products
  • In-stock inventory status on all products online
  • Free Shipping on orders over $99 (lower 48 states only)
  • Lots of newly discounted clearance and ‘Salvage Garden’ guns online – one of a kind deals!
  • See website for more details on shipping HERE


Airsoft Atlanta is now stocking tons of new brands and airsoft merchandise. Be sure to check out our ‘new products’ section for the newest products. As always, we ship same day if you order before 5pm – or next business day after 5pm. We’ve expanded out USPS Priority Mail shipping to save you money. International orders ship via Priority mail to most countries. If you have any questions, feel free to call us as well. Check it all out here Learn More»

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