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AirSplat: Black Friday, Tokyo Marui, jackpot box & more

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from AirSplat:

When savings call… Will you answer? Arrives 11.01.15 at AirSplat.com


Check out these brand new Tokyo Marui pistols now in stock at AirSplat!


This month may be your chance to enjoy the sweet treats of the PTS ERG RM4 and Elite Force Tac 1911 at AirSplat!


Elite Force MP7 Gas Blowback SMG BACK IN STOCK at AirSplat!
Whether building that perfect SEAL loadout or just looking to bring some realism to your CQB, the Elite Force MP7 GBB is what you’re looking for!


Just a friendly reminder to stay safe on this and every Halloween! Remember that it is unsafe and illegal to brandish your airsoft guns in public. We at AirSplat greatly thank you for your respect of the SPORT and the LAW!



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