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RedWolf Airsoft: Looking for a mag pouch for your HK417?

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Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

G&P 1500rds Attack Type Auto Winding Drum Magazine Now Available For Your M4 AEG, Because Reload Is Overrated.




G&P Shotgun-027 – DE
An extremely popular shotgun, the M870 feels incredibly solid and maneuverable. The original is used widely by law enforcement agencies around the world. You are looking at a pump action 6mm caliber M870 Quad Rail by G&P.


Hephaestus Airsoft Series
The Hephaestus CNC Steel Flat Trigger would add style to your GHK M4 as it is something you would find on a lot of modern custom M4s today. The Hephaestus Flash Hider for GHK RPK74 GBB is a great replacement or upgrade part for your GHK RPK74 which will last a long time. Hephaestus CNC Steel AK Firing Pin for the GHK AK GBBR Series which will most certainly withstand the kick all AKs have. The original firing pin has the potential to snap so it’s probably best to replace it as soon as possible with something more durable.


G&P 1500rds Attack Type Auto Winding Drum Magazine
Need a bigger magazine for your gun? Sick of reloading? Look no further G&P have released the 1500rds Attack Type Auto Winding Drum Magazine for Tokyo Marui M16 Series. This will give you the support fire you need to cover your team mates.

Xcortech X3200 MK3 Chronograph
Xcortech Chrono is an advanced chronograph that gives you the most exact detailed readings. Popular amongst the Airsoft community, this chrono is capable of calculating your velocity, energy and rate of fire. Compact in size, this chronograph can be taken anywhere. Screen is LCD and is backlit for hard to see places. The Xcortech X3200 Mk3 is powered by 2 AAA Batteries (not included).


TMC Single Mag Pouch Series for HK417 AEG
The TMC Single Mag Pouch is also made of CORDURA and is as tough as the old versions. Made for the HK417 magazines from TM and VFC, it can fit on vests, bags having the molle system.
RWA Original Parts (P01, P08, E05, E10, P15, Z04, S02, B16) Nozzle Sets
Original replacement nozzle for your RWA Nighthawk Recon / Covert Ops / SPS Falcon and KWC 1911.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

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