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Airsoft Atlanta – Action Army, Cyclones & restocked TM

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Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:


Spring 2016 – VSR-10 season! Tokyo Marui VSR-10 rifles are constantly being restocked. Lots of upgrade parts from Action Army, PDI, Laylax, etc for rifles and AEGs are also here. Tokyo Marui AA-12 Shotguns have also been restocked (very limited supply). Breacher M870 Shotguns will be restocked in limited quantity in early April too.
We’ve greatly expanded our HPA lineup from Wolverine, Polarstar, Valken, Ninja, and will be adding more Tippmann and Guerrilla Air Tank products to our website. Custom HPA air lines, regulators, and much more coming this spring!
As always, we ship online orders same-day if you order before 5pm (UPS ground shipping), or next business day after 5pm, or Monday if over the weekend.

F1coIjIagQJhjBeg_W5OxS7bpz3qSBE3MUL0Bd5QumGy7JqZovaKm85h6-5UFPDkJJD9MwHVcyFSIgRodaD5AvrZki4niWTqkcNftbmlBiAk=s0-d-e1-ftCYCLONE GRENADES – Super Popular!
Our Price: $39.99

Back in stock! We are so excited to have this revolutionary new airsoft grenade available for everyone. A few of the employees bought them up to use this weekend. Slo-mo action footage coming to our Youtube channel this week, so stay tuned! These are fully reuseable airsoft grenades that can take a beating. The new design is updated from the 2015 model.

5XAtXX2_EAJBDQSBcqUZqyEf8-DLP1fgdWNv56nmyWI9RK7f4rV7F-AHUUr4akTtmh2l3x1P1pnfViz3xMnI5iaSReXYzq_5GWw-lgPz-5JQ=s0-d-e1-ftAction Army VSR / Type 96 Hop Up + Parts
Our Price: $39+

Now fully stocking the entire Action Army product line! All the best parts for VSR-10 and Type 96 sniper rifles are now available. We also have the 6.01mm tightbore barrels and many more listed.

X3AZwH17G9V5RLJ2TizLTaKzXJ4ET-VxVpAGCHWABKZYtkmw1NlIcI6PZswKrmw_lYQ3SnVpVIIxJnQP6YPkfEyrFMe1bHRzHuQpJd1aU-98Q8-nhb7GLw=s0-d-e1-ftWolverine STORM HPA Regulator
Our Price: $149.99

Wolverine just came out with their first HPA air line regulator. This is a very compact and well built unit for use on ALL paintball or SLP air tanks. Yes, you can use this with an 800 PSI output paintball tank. Works with Wolverine or Polarstar engines.

Jd5t__a1ac-ipH-Fr2zgt2OJ8RQEH9dmU0ZSXoxpkg2ym-X0cHBsf3G49IhPfXow9wik232ikAqIz7mGyCHp2-BSPIuh7YIuSxOCUQyuTxfL=s0-d-e1-ftG&G GC16 Predator Battleship Grey AEG
Our Price: $334.99

G&G has some awesome new guns for 2016, now in stock at Airsoft Atlanta. The Predator and Wild Hog series of AEGs are awesome beasts on the battlefield. More Wild Hogs coming in early April, but the Predators are ready to ship now. Check them out:


  • Lower prices on many in-stock products
  • In-stock inventory status on all products online
  • Low flat-rate shipping on all orders
  • Lots of newly discounted clearance and ‘Salvage Garden’ guns online – one of a kind deals!
  • See website for more details on shipping HERE


Airsoft Atlanta is now stocking tons of new brands and airsoft merchandise. Be sure to check out our ‘new products’ section for the newest products. As always, we ship same day if you order before 5pm – or next business day after 5pm. We’ve expanded out USPS Priority Mail shipping to save you money. International orders ship via Priority mail to most countries. If you have any questions, feel free to call us as well. Check it all out here Learn More»

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