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Marlowe on Redwolf TV

by Marlowe

A repeat I know, but I thought you’d all like to get a second nosey at my ugly mug being humiliated on Redwolf TV. 

Whilst on holiday in HK I was asked to pay a visit to Red Wolf Airsoft’s Headquarters. I didn’t quite expect a full Top Gear-esque interview and challenge – especially with a pistol I’ve never used before in a climate I’m unfamiliar with and with a whole other arsenal of excuses to boot, but…Hey, just watch the video.

I should warn you that there’s a lot of talking. If you’re the type who flicks through a book and just looks at the pictures, skip to the actual challenge at 6:00 and prepare to be…er…amazed. :)

Embarrassing, yes, but it speaks for itself really. I also bought a GHK AKS74 whilst at their HQ – I couldn’t resist, with them lying around. The review can be found here.

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