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New stock at Airsoft GI April 5th 2016

by News Fairy

Here is the latest stock news from Airsoft GI:

New Redwolf Airsoft M1919 Machine Gun AEG Airsoft Gun:

The real steel M919 Browning is a medium machine gun firing .30 caliber (30-06) ball cartridge contained in a woven cloth belt, feeding from left to right. When it comes to functionality, the M1919 is not complicated. Putting it together only takes a few steps and connecting all the cables is very easy. The replica comes with 2 batteries; one 7.4V Lipo battery for the AEG and a 7.4V PEQ battery for the magazine.


New KWA Full Metal KM4 KR14 KeyMod AEG Airsoft Gun:
KWA recognizes the benefits of this new design which allows for a wide range of accessory flexibility and weight reduction when compared to traditional quad rail systems and are proud to announce the KR KeyMod Weapons Platform. The KR series have been produced in several different lengths to accommodate a variety of needs.


(Airsoft GI)

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