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New stock at RedWolf Airsoft

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Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Umarex/ VFC HK416 GBB Now Comes Pre-installed With An Adjustable FPS Feature! Come To Our Website And Check It Out



Umarex / VFC HK416 GBB (Asia Edition) – New Version
Umarex / VFC HK416 GBB (Asia Edition) a close relative of the HK416, is licensed by the German arms maker, Heckler and Koch, real steel markings. It is a modified version of the American M4 carbine with many changes. On the real steel, most notably a new gas operating system from the Heckler & Koch G36. Customers have the option of purchasing a new upper receiver, buffer and drive spring to refurbish M4s or buying a completely new and complete HK416.


wvY_yoUa9qeRJgK3-VJXjpyJQ7_NXcg8UhNm_7Yi6m7asWXpFUPrSQPMQteQZCSbVBeVTbziP7kzQFgkfXVlDzD6IyCXvlqeAomxh-wvKqps28-NNiQSQVXYXotCsp-T-A=s0-d-Cybergun FN 57 Regular Gas Blow Back Pistol
Cybergun are to come out with another Five-Seven Gas blowback pistol which is based on the real steel FN Herstal semi-automatic pistol. This particular version does not come with a CO2 magazine like the previous version but this one just feels just as good once it comes to shooting. If you have a P90, you need to have this pistol to complete your authentic FN loadout.


Nh9buFKS0i1F0MgLaTrr56qtReYk1BtLIhGMKBL3gDqZoJ4-gtkPMjIiDsqW1pCd2b7ChF41rlBfznFIdC1cVOQn207DQrpTYsCDVKGDDFQM2S-KLlShoAvVtB21Sk-Y=s0-d-e1CAA Airsoft Division RONI Conversion Kit
The Airsoft Verion of the RONI is designed for stability, therefore significantly improving its accuracy. The case comes with a few A4 sheets of paper that give you an in-depth description on how to put it together, the parts that is included on the RONI, how to operate it and what it is made out of. To break it down, it’s the main materials are Nylon Fibre and Aluminium. With whichever G series and any accessories applied to it, it can be rather heavy but that adds to the realism of it. With this kit, you will be turning secondary weapons into a primary weapon.


KWChjXWczMNCNZpaaLNm71q5lKAiyikLgk3NclRR5Sra6MCSfdg0jFHk_giuFM_6ByrTUUEQ6tKsNs9lkm2fa39UjBHsW6woI3apbw9wwJaYqVVMZqtqA-K6PrrdaqSyAw=s0-d-Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade
The Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Impact Grenade is cheaper, lighter, more powerful and holds more BBs than its older brother, the Tornado Grenade. It’s not very difficult to use as there is a step by step guide in the instruction manual. The push to release pin is much more reliable, though it does require practice to remove and will probably be harder to think about while under pressure.

iogC9LT_ABiYnlVx6kU_G0h_ZylR2J47uzCR2e-FeuL5vCr3m_Y8i4zEgXjnmeSuk-s3nvjESdDXKEh6naodpbU51GQKHfHLkle1r1jf_hwMTSmMecRIKEqAoKwaMZnlFQ=s0-d-G&P Turbo Motor
Brand new G&P Turbo motor is a breakthrough product for the AEG airsoft gun industry. Promising faster rotations and greater torque in one package, this new motor will take your high powered Automatic Electric Gun to the next level!

xdx6WQlmOf8SANTJfNbh_yl6KYjnCl-Fyv7d1tAT7C810r3zZk9ddYVBd4MPXW0XvjACtvdGNi-akp33xx_1FL-ghrPQQP_RBJwRB7YqEVkwoKOWWYEO4FMrkUjCGwWIAw=s0-d-Airsoft Surgeon Custom AGENCY ARMS Polymer Lower Grip
Made accurately to the specifications of Agency Arms. This Polymer lower grip does not include any internal parts and is designed to go with the RWA Agency Arms Urban Combat slide set.

YUr1w0RyUNXOdOK3-LKl0CuB4HcK4JXMqft8U1harRiXQ8JIWYAA43fATPt3skwWtjMF1xP5gHUhs6KhDqr-xsBO63u3IqYY9HpqxjrhSxH9sTFQDOPl3pp0Bn_czT1OmA=s0-d-Haley Strategic Disruptive Environments D3 Rifle Sling – Multicam/Coyote/BLACK
The D3 Rifle Sling can be run in single point or two point configuration and has been designed to transition between the two in moments. The sling includes two, positive locking QD swivels and features Haley’s proven, SDI single hand quick adjustment system.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

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