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SpecShop: Bayonet.pl delivery & new arrivals from LOWA

by News Fairy

SpecShop.pl have some new items from Bayonet.pl and LOWA in stock:

SpecShop.pl has obtained the delivery from Bayonet.pl company. The delivery includes heavy-duty tactical belts with Cobra buckle.



Bayonet.pl is a Polish company manufacturing high quality belts, made of the best elements, without any compromise in quality and durability. Each belt consists of rescue buckle from AustriAlpin, certified Pasamon strap and Ariadna S.A. TITAN threads able to hold at least 5.5 kg of static load.

bayonet products

Moreover the store has obtained the delivery of LOWA boots, adding new arrivals to its offer – Zephyr tactical boots and maintenance accessories.


Tactical boots from legendary LOWA brand are utilized by many special forces operators, soldiers and law enforcement personnel all over the world. These durable, multi-purpose boots are designed for demanding missions for work under great pressure in diversified and extreme hard terrain.

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