Airsoft Atlanta new CQB field – June newsletter

Here is all the latest from Airsoft Atlanta including the opening of their new CQB field:


New outdoor CQB Airsoft Field in Atlanta! – Holy cow, we finally opened our totally awesome CQB airsoft field in Atlanta. Not out in the middle of the nowhere suburbs, but actually in the city of Atlanta. The grand opening was June 25th for Power Ops! We’re open Saturday and Sunday on weekends weather permitting. For more information on our field please visit

Our new field is massive, over 100,000 square feet of playable field space. Tons of buildings, 2-story structures, sniper outposts, vehicles, airplanes, and bunkers. Check out the #powerops Instagram links for more pictures from our past weekend event. Open 10am-6pm Sat/Sun every weekend.
Lots of new guns and exciting accessories have arrived at our shop. We’re carrying more and more HPA gear, Ninja tanks, and Wolverine. New BOLT VSR systems coming in July. Tokyo Marui restocks coming soon too.

As always, we ship online orders same-day if you order before 5pm (UPS ground shipping), or next business day after 5pm, or Monday if over the weekend.

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Our Price: $330

Polarstar’s newest most robust drop-in HPA engines are here! The F1 is a mean machine HPA unit for your M4 based mechbox. We stock both the regular and mini FCU unit versions. Add a tank and regulator line and you’re good to rock the field out! The F1 requires a bit more installation work than the JACK system, but is quite awesome once installed.

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Our Price: $355

Modify’s foray into the AEG world is here! The XTC is a monster gun with a very easy quick-change spring system. Upgrade or downgrade your gun in a few minutes through its read stock assembly. The gun is rock solid and performs very well. We love it!

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Our Price: $39.99

Finally a plate carrier tactical vest for kids! The NcSTAR vest is made for kids and small adults. We also have a XL size for regular adults too. Loaded with MOLLE and velcro for maximum customization on the field. Black and desert tan colors available.

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Our Price: $389.99

VFC is killing it with their high quality AEGs – fully licensed models from FN are now available at our shop. Both the Light series and Heavy series, long and short CQC are in stock and shipping. Extra mags available as well. The best SCAR models for the money.


  • Lower prices on many in-stock products
  • In-stock inventory status on all products online
  • Low flat-rate shipping on all orders
  • Lots of newly discounted clearance and ‘Salvage Garden’ guns online – one of a kind deals!
  • See website for more details on shipping HERE


Airsoft Atlanta is now stocking tons of new brands and airsoft merchandise. Be sure to check out our ‘new products’ section for the newest products. As always, we ship same day if you order before 5pm – or next business day after 5pm. We’ve expanded out USPS Priority Mail shipping to save you money. International orders ship via Priority mail to most countries. If you have any questions, feel free to call us as well. Check it all out here Learn More»

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