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SpecShop.pl: BCB, Bolle and Action Army deliveries

by News Fairy

SpecShop.pl have some new items from BCB, Bolle and Action Army in stock:

SpecShop.pl has obtained the delivery of BCB products. It is especially good news for mil-sim players.

BCBBCB International is the designer and manufacturer of quality survival and protective equipment. For over the past 40 years BCB worked on specialist equipment, which supports the ability to survive and special forces soldiers living in difficult conditions, away from civilization. These products are available for land and air services under the "Future Soldier".

bcb products

Moreover the store got a delivery of spectacles and goggles from Bolle company.

BolleBollé has become a byword for quality and enjoys a glowing international reputation for sports and protective eyewear. Their factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling brand to be accepted by clients in many countries all over the globe. It is an unrivalled nylon specialist and can proudly claim to produce one of the finest lens surface treatment in the world, selling more than 5 million pairs of protective eyewear every year.

bolle products

SpecShop.pl has got the delivery from Action Army containing airsoft sniper tunning parts.

Action ArmyAction Army Company was founded in Taiwan in 2010. The company focuses on offering high quality airsoft products which are all made in Taiwan. The enterprise tries to build new products by new material and new system to get more efficiency. The company always listens customer’s requests and ideas to correct their products in order to get them more effective. Action Army is known for providing innovative solutions to the most demandnig players, desiring reliability and usefulness.

action army products


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