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SpecShop.pl: Stock from WE, Bayonet.pl & True Utility

by News Fairy

SpecShop.pl have received a new arrival from WE, deliveries from Bayonet.pl and True Utility:

SpecShop.pl added to the offer a new replica, that may interested many reenactors – P38 L from WE.

P38 L

GBB replica was made entirely from metal. Hand grip with anti-slipper pattern was made of polymer. After last shot, slide remains in rear position. Hop Up is adjusted with hex key added to the set. Metal magazine contains 14 BBs.

Moreover the store obtained a delivery of professional tactical belts from Bayonet.pl company.


bayonet productsBayonet is a Polish company manufacturing high quality belts, made of the best elements, without any compromise in quality and durability. Each belt is equipped with rescue buckle from AustriAlpin company with strength certificate, Pasamon military tape with strength certificate and Ariadna S.A. TITAN threads with a strength of at least 5.5 kg.

Moreover, the store got a delivery from British company True Utility as well.

True Utility

true utility productsTrue Utility® is a British design company that specialises in stainless steel gifts, gadgets, and key-ring accessories. Creating clever things for key-rings, True Utility® provides people with minimalist and practical solutions to everyday problems. Many products are manufactured using high grade stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium, these products won’t let you down. Browse through our extensive pocket tool range – there’s something for everyone.


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