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RedWolf Airsoft restock: Tokyo Marui VSR-10 pro-sniper

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daiTUsh4diYvi_7-O9Fp23yydqSFHgB1Y-yLBd5Sna6oqEuZOovc4iBeg1cyTRgLADClrlGVvCLH09D7LoPmKmBObDWCXYPJ_qkBy28PK1FCW7_s3VzsTZLjuwWVnaGx=s0-d-e1-ftARES L1A1 SLR Wooden Furniture Edition

The ARES L1A1 is a fully metal constructed rifle with wooden furniture. The magazine holds 120 round and is inserted like an AK magazine


7XGZDM6V-f-JKLSHh7sY7qZP10zLY2K5GIzvXnACcdHywcLA3bHo8uriyR7d-e-i3k5NOHZVMDa13AOqEI6Hp0ohif6KKY4j0nvXjPPB6VOSPoVxu7AjTZdQ7kHMBEq7Ew=s0-d-e1-ftTokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro-Sniper Version
It comes with plastic stock and metal barrel. Firm cocking action with the metal cocking lever. Best part about this rifle is hop up is very stable and hop up very easy to adjust, power can be upgraded by changing the spring.

Gwtv27qgQLNZXLwCQX2fnUnP50H5YLOCGBAYy0_0WRhQVTwtVz6AnBHYILy7OZn34qplNCLdDMrcwUMQWhaXhwFj0BK1qKgfaEBzzYLwNKPFn1ElDUrwEAKRIly8jxHY=s0-d-e1-ftGK Tactical Single Point QD Bungee Sling – Black Constructed with premium nylon, YKK plastic buckles and metal sling points, they might look simple but they would definitely get the job done


3DO4Bqsks84W5Ipw8GVu0QkARYQFK7YjbjhUqT8mtCTymCac97k1ZBF6VMLzx9470BLjFtMWw5Xpp1BUheyd_-gRumcnMnPF3Bae6nhotnX6ZFOw4zj5iMmtGMLzrPWm=s0-d-e1-ftNovritsch 555 rds 0.30g / 0.36g / 0.40g / 0.46g Sniper BBs
Novritsch decided to create his own sniper BBs, collaborating together with a BB manufacturer to find the perfect balance in terms of material, polishing grade, colour and weight.​
USD$8.99 / 11.99 / 14.99 / 16.99


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