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Crown Airsoft news 2017 issue#2 (3/2017)

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Here is all the latest news from Crown Airsoft:

Hi guys,

Crown Airsoft are proud to be stocking quality Airsoft products. With our famous low prices and high quality service, we are looking forward to serving Airsofters all over the world!
To celebrate Crown Airsoft Opening, we have six combo package starter kit with unbeatable price!!! Furthermore, Dytac Rail handguards and AW model & upgrade parts have arrived at Crown Airsoft. Interested in our massive discount? Click on our link!

Products that we just arrived this week: EPIC Deal!!!! Crown Airsoft King’s Special combo#1 to #6 Only: $199.00USD each!!!!!!


To celebrate Crown Airsoft Opening, we’ve selected 6 combo package airsoft starter kit with unbeatable price at $199.00USD.
Each package includes:
1x AEG rifle
1x GBB Pistol
1x Tactical Vest
1x Full face protected mask

Dytac Tactical Rail series Starting@$64.00USD


AW Custom HX2401 "Wind Velocity" IPSC Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Only: $166.00USD


The AW Custom Skunkworks has team have meticulously engineered the shape of the slide and compensator and carefully considered every cut and component, resulting in a perfectly balanced race pistol with almost no muzzle rise. The HX24 features deep blade grooves in the slide to provide an aggressive gripping surface, as well as a heavily ported slide and compensator to reduce weight on the frontend. You can feel the incredibly tight tolerances on fit and finish with this pistol in every shot you take.

AW Custom 6.01 Tightbore Inner Barrel + Performance Bucking Starting@: $20.00USD


Materials: Electroplated Brass & Silicone Compatibility: Compatible with most AW/WE M9 Variants.  Features: + High Performance Bucking+ Fluted grooves on muzzle end of inner barrel for reduced turbulence, enhanced trajectory stability and reduced friction when projectile exits the inner barrel Bore Size: 6.01mm

Armor works pistols upgrade parts Starting@: $14.00US


If you are looking for upgraded parts for your Armor Works Hi-capa pistol, here are the options for you. Crown Airsoft has stocked all of the upgrade parts of AW pistol from front sight to hammer, loading nozzle to flat trigger, and even loading spring and screws all you can find in Crown Airsoft.

Unique Agent service (Retail/ Wholsale)
With our strong merchandise background and inventory backup support, Crown Airsoft will become one of your favorite Airsoft shops in the future. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our website, name it out by shooting us an e-mail and our unique agent  service would get you help at the first place. Please E-mail to wholesale@crownairsoft.com should you looking for something not on our list. (For retail/ small trade please contact info@crownairsoft.com)


Crown Airsoft Facebook Page

Want to stay up-to-date with the latest airsoft happenings at Crown Airsoft? Like the Crown Airsoft page!

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