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Gunfire’s weekend offers

by News Fairy

Gunfire have lots of special offers this weekend:

Check Gunfire’s hot offer for this weekend

Specna Arms – http://bit.ly/2nLVOrF

The offer of Specna Arms has extended greatly  – new models were introduced, while the more classic constructions have returned to the offer. Prices on chosen models were lowered by up to 20%.


CYMA – http://bit.ly/2nYXaMW

Check out your favorite CYMA products while they’re discounted by up to 35% – the offer includes (but is not limited to) shotguns, sniper rifles and many AEGs.


Armored Claw – http://bit.ly/2nk7e4M

Another interesting thing are the Armored Claw gloves, including the new 2017 models. The full offer of gloves is available at attractive prices, with discounts reaching up to 20%.


ElectroRiver – http://bit.ly/2n1kWqF

The offer of Electro River products now includes not only the regular shaped batteries, but also very affordable 7,4V and 11,1V batteries designed to be used in AK replicas.


G&G – http://bit.ly/2n1uBgS

The long-awaited G&G parts and accessories are now back and available in prices reduced by up to 35%.


GFC Tactical – http://bit.ly/2ocZTBP

The offer of GFC Tactical equipment now includes products not only for airsoft, but also perfect for trekking and tourism. What’s especially worth taking a much closer look at are the new AXEL bag and ARMADILLO backpack.


LCT – http://bit.ly/2nvcpiO

If by any chance you were waiting for the LCT products to be available in reduced prices, check out what we’ve got for you this weekend.


WELL – http://bit.ly/2nk85mb

It’s also worth mentioning that the WELL offer has been made available in prices lowered by up to 60%. The offer includes such well-known and loved models like the famed R4 and sniper rifle replicas.


There are also over 2500 discounted products at: http://bit.ly/2nPwwt3



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