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Pre-order Samurai Edge Albert.W.Model 1 @RedWolf Airsoft

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Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

The New Cybergun FNS-9 GBB Is Out! Click Here To Let Marck Tell You More About It!


cUUemX9bItTyKC-5V-NpJf3OU99UU8fCF6HUZ6G5hg-dwlxso9AKEhZxTVmvnoQRx6LgM9HFaeugnfmGV9NgEbawAA_FmZcETokyo Mauri Biohazard Resident Evil Samurai Edge ALBERT.W.MODEL 1
The new Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge ALBERT.W.MODEL 1 is the standard model of the previously released Biohazard Zero Remaster edition (Feb 2016).

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IPDRE2Ifmk1Nup1_s0W4nc5g6Tt72xfu_ggTQfCnM_65MS8H7BPKrIl_LObGKHX70p0vr5X4YKbp7EGwMFULJS_6aNd7zaWdCybergun FN Herstal FNS-9 GBB – Black
The licnesed FNS-9 pistol features a pre-loaded striker mechanism and a manual safety, hence combining fast and accurate shooting and optimal safety.

JiDViQSqk__6kk7hGjdQ8bmzLYdpRiVXKO-Cz4rOAzxgDN3HyrqEFadc6yRLjSTApfU17Dgp7h7X1iEK0it_ITW1G-PVva5wLaylax Schrödinger by GHOST IN THE SHELL (DX Ver.) w/ Free Tokyo Marui M16 Magazine
The ‘Ghost in the Shell Arise’ assault rifle ‘Schrodinger’ that Major. Kusanagi Motoko used in the movie is replicated to life size.


gzqtMN8_v9LJtXF5w7VtoBIzxYt5ghgkS4DcSYDS176jg9GAHnRr95zEkD6pK3k54JzYWxWtjDFDbcGU4u0HfJVVTixf9VttAirsoft Surgeon MOTS AR Version 4
Clarence Lai, AKA Airsoft Surgeon, is known for handcrafting fully fine tuned GBB Race Pistols and M4 / AK GBBR which are upgraded with incredibly reliable internals, air seal parts are carefully reworked to perfection and the final outcome looking exquisite.

ftvvG2n6NcxTFHm5oi9Qarkl4iK1EcBK2xCgdSQLlxtb32NjwZdqKQ8SzSu9FMW85uY4ctCIQG-EqqeL3Rh8KDfGQJJ5z_6JUmarex SAA .45 Co2 (GK Custom 6mm Version) Metal Revolver (Antique Black) – Cowboy Police Version (For Sales in Asia Region Only)
The Colt SAA itself is made entirely of metal with an wood colored plastic grip. This does look amazing with the blue finish.


xDPur-etIu7jgqF5kCbzAZbwGxiPY_3xLtfYO00TzsAGSacp_AmpdH0uTznVcM4_x5lB-rz4c671fS2Buxm5DW5ElYYUhmuyUmarex SAA .45 Co2 (GK Custom 6mm Version) Metal Revolver (Blue / Brown) – Cowboy Police Version (For Sales in Asia Region Only)
The Umarex SAA (GK) Custom SAA .45 Co2 Metal Revolver Cowboy Police Edition features BB-tipped .45 cartridges, complete with the brass shell, and an aluminum tipped head.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

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