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DEPSOC clothing & gear available from 0241Tactical

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0241Tactical are stocking DEPSOC products:

DEPSOC Clothing and gear available from 0241Tactical.com!

DEPSOC – Stand Out While Blending In!


DEPSOC360 Camouflage Technology is based on a limited number of basic principles that together take advantage of the visual system’s weaknesses. Particularly in natural environments, the brain detects common shapes like the human silhouette more quickly than other visual indicators like subtle color variations. For this reason, shape obfuscation is the primary design principle. These common shapes act as a primary trigger to object recognition. Once the shape is recognized, the eyes fixate on the object and are then able to see the more subtle secondary triggers or other unnatural aspects of the pattern. Complex shapes like a human silhouette are made of many common shapes or combinations of shapes. The cruciform shape of the head and shoulders, legs, and arms are all shapes that are distinctive, symmetrical, and common. Once the shape is identified, the mind begins to look for other common associations to the shape that help confirm its identity. The most effective way to avoid shape recognition is to break up the perimeter outline of the target silhouette and match the scale, shape, color, and resolution of the camouflage pattern elements to the background texture. DEPSOC360 camouflage is designed in layers, starting with solid base colors that represent the finest textures of the Military Operating Environment (MOE) and multiple layers of large asymmetric shapes that are typical of the natural scale and shape of the background texture, but not necessarily specific. These pattern elements and textures mimic the natural shapes in the environment and break up the form to be concealed with larger shapes of varying contrast. This causes the viewer to focus on the shapes within the pattern rather than the underlying form itself. The finer textures and shapes give the pattern short range effectiveness, and the larger shapes ensure that the pattern is visible at long ranges.

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