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A2 Supplies weekend update

by News Fairy

A2 Supplies are looking forward to the arrival of the new Secutor Velite gas powered shotguns:


Feel like its time for a new boomstick? Something tactical? Gas Powered? Well look no further!

Coming soon to A2 Supplies We have the NEW Secutor VELITE Gas powered Shotguns! A perfect way to Dominate the CQB Field!

Running off of standard Tri-Shot shells, these gas powered shotguns have the ability to fire both 3 rounds at a time or 6! With the Gas Reservoir being held inside the stock tube/solid stock depending on the model.

These shotguns bring boost a more tactical appearance as they come equipped with both full length rail systems, flip up iron sites and even interchangeable tactical stocks!

secutor_velites_03 copy

For more information Keep your eyes peeled over on our Website at www.a2supplies.co.uk

(A2 Supplies)

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