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A2 Supplies midweek update

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:

Hey Arnies, Here is our mid week update for you!
saved_resourceMilbro Scopes!

Thats right! We have just received a brand new range of Long range and short range optics! Perfect for those of you who like a bit of long distance engagements or simply prefer precision plinking!


Starting with Dot sights we offer some 1×30 Red Dots with both Red, Green and BLUE light up reticules! A nice step up from your run of the mill iron sights!

saved_resource(2)Long range optics go from 3-9×32, 3-9×40, 3-9×50 and if you really feel like reaching out and touching someone, theres even 6-24×50! These scopes also include the light up crosshair feature as featured on the red dot sights.

Variants of the 3-9×32 optics even come with Picatinny railed shrouds, which allows the mounting of backup optics and accessories like you can see below on this Ares Striker Sniper Rifle!


Anything caught your eye? After more information? Why not come take a look in store, Or Visit our website over at www.a2supplies.co.uk

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We at A2 Supplies aspire to bring you the best choice of equipment for Film & TV Props & Clothing, Outdoor & Tactical Equipment & Clothing, Airsoft and Live Action Roleplay! We are based in Reading, Berkshire and we aim to be the go to shop for a wide variety of products that can be used generally, for hobbies and in Film/Theatre. Our in-store opening times are: Mon Closed Tue 10:00 17:30 Wed 10:00 17:30 Thur 10:00 19:30 Fri 10:00 17:30 Sat 10:00 17:30 Sun 10:00 15:00

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