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A2 weekend update

by News Fairy

Here is the weekend update from A2 Supplies just squeezing in:

Hey Arnies! Heres A2’s weekend update for you sorry its a little late!


Thinking its time to up your sidearm game? Looking for something Faster? More Stylish? Better? Why not take a look at this platter we present to you!


Armourer Works VX Series:

saved_resource(1)To accompany their already fantastic range of Airsoft Hi-Capa Pistols, the guys over at Armourer works decided to take their system and create their VX Series of pistols! Using a platform we all know and enjoy, these pistols boast the same snappy performance just like the Hi-Capa! Alongside this they also boast hexagonal grooves and slide serrations providing better overall grip whilst simultaneously providing a better grip surface on the pistol itself!



A brand new offering from the guys over at "Secutor" Their Gladius range of Pistols has been created with the user in mind making it both a quick and easy to use weapon system. It boasts a 2 Position Adjustable rear sight allowing for faster target acquisition when the pistol is drawn. If needed this sight can be remove and replaced with a small RMR Red dot sight. A Heavily stippled lower frame offers incredible grip on the pistol keeping it firmly within the users hand. With the pistol running from Co2 Powered magazines this pistol has a loud crack accompanied by incredible kick (Gas magazines are also soon to be available)

WE EU Force 17:

saved_resource(4)We also entered the performance pistol circle with their own ‘Force’ range. The EU17 Force model is a more enhanced version of the Standard EU17 – The Re-designed slide has enhanced cocking serrations on both sides alongside fiber optic style sights on top. The Barrels are available in both Gold and Silver depending on the users taste for bling! The trigger is a flat short stroke trigger requiring a shorter pull. The Lower frame is also stippled for grip and includes a flared magwell for easier insertion of magazines.

Seen something you like? Feel like it is time your pistol got an upgrade? Why not visit us in store or check out our website over at www.a2supplies.co.uk

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