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A2 weekend update

by News Fairy

A2 Supplies have some new items for the weekend:


We’ve just received a delivery of fantastic new range of tacti-cool boom sticks! Perfect for those "close encounters!"


The V-Elite Series from Secutor Arms are a fantastic Gas Powered Tri-Shot shotgun system based around the iconic Remington Model 870. These are Pump Action shotguns that work using the standard Marui, Nuprol, Cyma ect. Shotgun shells that hold 30 rounds, allowing for 10 shots (5 Shots on 6 round mode) before needing to reload the shell!

Made with a sturdy full metal construction, the V-Elite series offers 3 lengths of tactical shotguns in both Black and Dark Earth:



The shortest variant of the Secutor V-Elite Shotgun Range, This ‘Breacher’ Length shotgun has the added bonus of a retractable stock allowing the user to make it longer in the shoulder if needed. The top of the shotgun has simple iron sights, however the receiver also features a small picatinny rail allowing for the mounting of optics if necessary.



The G-VI is the Mid Length of the Series, Sporting a full length barrel and magazine tube, but sporting the tactical retractable stock seen on the G-III. These full size variants feature a monolithic rail system which spans across the entire top of the shotgun, alongside a shell saddle mounted on the side which is capable of holding 6 shells.



The Longest variant of the V-Elite series, the XI is a traditional full size 870 with the solid stock and long barrel/magazine tube, but again this version features the tactical rail system and shell saddle which makes for a pretty menacing looking tactical weapon system! This model comes with a traditional full stock which inside houses a small removable gas tank which is accessible simply by removing the butt plate.

All of these new Shotguns from Secutor are an excellent addition for those wanting to dominate the CQB Field. Feel like its time for an upgrade? visit us in store! Or Check these out over on our Website at www.a2supplies.co.uk

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