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Full Steel G3A3 AEG By LCT Ready For Purchase!

3gj5QeCk1WISgL_TzS-8CtD984uXH6jebVzVD16EDUTTC3etAYvk-4ZPT46peR4oZSP2k5NJMIbnIhg6HLJtX_g2ObOE4tOhmYN9onpdfwyEH0mh8KPNFazH5Tw_RXDh=s0-d-e1-ftHephaestus Custom x GHK HTS-14 GBB (2017 Version)
It’s as accurate as any GHK AK as it has similar length inner barrel but the HTC-14 can now be used in CQB.


3FW-i1q2nn95M67p-X9laJJwObyFTISy99DreMNDcDg9Z8yniywE2uEWOgpmspbi5KLe0JPCOTdJdUZH0DdMVW4Z_RPe15XevkyvDfH1og04ycfiRFMlGbUYA_4h0zu1=s0-d-e1-ftLCT G3A3 (LC-3) AEG – OD / BK
LCT Airsoft have released one of the most realistic G3s to date. Much like the real steel version, the handguard, grip and stock are made out of nylon fiber while the rest of the metallic body is made out of steel.


q6pK7Qc4KhbEzEWitG2bvf9qr4ooxHu1v1ydnC0HZUmROeS41aaWPrMJkQSGLIkikmsGqfkVwjtCkmv_oTMua2TxnAeaeNlI3JBBSH3Pls09h3btDEOXIMGm-BHS0kYx=s0-d-e1-ftUmarex / VFC G28 GBBR DX – Tan
The VFC G28 GBBR, fully licensed by Umarex, is a full metal replica with all markings with all the accessories to successfully replicate the real steel version in an electricity powered form.


zRkb-8e6KAsVZTjb6EyL17gQDDOPUQfmZ3PIwYr9MwHUebiH_nROna1XkdBdr0eMqGpbdxoXdifDQNlH257GHJo35R3QyL30OltzbDsPTFPiuk59iT0ppvN2qLx8rPzD=s0-d-e1-ftVFC COLT MK12 MOD1 Restractable / Fixed Stock GBBR (Colt Licensed)
The MK12 equipped with a quad rail handguard so the rifle and other accessories can be assembled by this standard rail system, making this rifle an easy-to-use and could be combined with many existing accessories


lMYMpfbZaAkSiIM1i7X4LtY7iTHRguNTNQcf-6oI6hotSeS8kX8TFxJ_Vg-LhegGxRBIFfvy3qrcSNGPgHgfSTSihDLroUWbieXWxQtJf4-a1VdGqRI7MWW-DRe5tAJT=s0-d-e1-ftVFC COLT M4A1 RIS II Forging / FSP GBBR (Colt Licensed)
Forging series RIS II inherited it’s high quality, VFC is complete presentation exquisite & realistic appearance from real gun.


BTRh_hBF3_qz8Ph-Ta1nVuUh9F3UYtDmEu6WlIeg_Ys2SZGNy3WpoQaxOrD4qlHtnQEA7G34Tss8K6ZVzyh4X3s95OWAKOO8KOpc6IlVz2mYZxQiajfqbSOdQXEQICSM=s0-d-e1-ftSHS High Speed AEG Motor (Long / Short Type)
SHS High Speed AEG Motor (Long Type) SHS Custom motor tunes up your Airsoft AEG speed High Speed motor bring your AEG to next level Suitable for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle

USD$38.99(Long) / USD$36.99(Short)

694bPf4OhLbAhJ6lC-03pix4JnHhPobZbnaWbLhZ8KK0C9I0gr0AgqBtAJQ-lzVvpnn2G-XgymKNrKGwFJ7mtm6VgHwARS6dgzP5AL9XuRgWsdeC05IKtcbRgwqeccA_=s0-d-e1-ftSHS Ultra High Torque AEG Motor (Long / Short Type)
SHS High Torque AEG Motor (Long Type) SHS Custom motor tunes up your Airsoft AEG’s ability to pull a stronger spring.

USD$35.99(Long) / USD$30.99(Short)

tzqImZBC-DvJovjAozu7tmKw1wD9xol4IeIxv06us372O0kAy_EsuSmp7G1_93xISQy_NJxt3fHRHmmYR3SALwIr2fMFofCEqoTE-xy4ikvYdYftiXVtGqCFHCWsP1Yu=s0-d-e1-ftACETECH AC6000 Chronograh
Acetech Chrono can measures muzzle velocity from 30 m/s ~ 400 m/s (90 ft/s ~ 1200 ft/s). IR sensor means more accurate in measuring FPS even at the dimmest light.



(RedWolf Airsoft)

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