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Aluminum nozzle for GHK M4 @RedWolf Airsoft

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Heckler & Kock Licensed G28 GBBR. Get Yours Now Whilst Stock Last!

5MEbWMAunt6B-Hmxjf7va68NaWOutHOvam27b1XazH6uaevXgWmRfVz4UAXwneP4I6_Tk1W060UulJ6hSh_1v-kDLfeqMbqw7_o5u40O0pWAJpapr7R2Zw_-0wd1bQTx=s0-d-e1-ftRA Tech MV-System Aluminum Nozzle Set for GHK M4 GBBR
RA Tech MV-System Aluminum Nozzle Set for GHK M4 GBBR is made out of a high grade aluminium, precision machining to improve air flow and performance.


e2THn1O6P6mdEGOxeaM5G8fOiHYVM3lVaK-4giQzU1MgXtKCX5lbE6XjOJ7CBsQKuPnKTMch_0rpzrT-KmmTk6g4SyER8ChkUzFHgruCLDl-hyMD49RDM6UGed5cJyow=s0-d-e1-ftAPS Black Hornet Plus Semi / Auto SMG
SMG kit which can be opened up with easy, now comes with a extended 50 round CO2 magazine, flip up front and rear sights, an foregrip for stability, an extendable stock, rails for extra accessories and a charging handle so you can pull the slide back with relative ease.​


q6pK7Qc4KhbEzEWitG2bvf9qr4ooxHu1v1ydnC0HZUmROeS41aaWPrMJkQSGLIkikmsGqfkVwjtCkmv_oTMua2TxnAeaeNlI3JBBSH3Pls09h3btDEOXIMGm-BHS0kYx=s0-d-e1-ftUmarex / VFC G28 GBBR DX – Tan
The VFC G28 GBBR, fully licensed by Umarex, is a full metal replica with all markings with all the accessories to successfully replicate the real steel version in an electricity powered form.


yzFvr80_gO493Ds9JEyT0unD1FwNeb1bwqMxfjv5N_yLvHhvnFhFMCzYrLdFbMKxGqnHK12j7kEPeN3yr6Q1cw7pp0FdhuFyvN-C5Sjw1do3ArAvxdG1sIHmu8v2fZ4J=s0-d-e1-ftVFC COLT MK12 MOD1 Fixed Stock GBBR (Colt Licensed)
VFC have stepped up their game in terms of internal capabilities and this one is a serious contender. Licensed by Colt, this is probably the most realistic MK12 GBBR in the market.


lMYMpfbZaAkSiIM1i7X4LtY7iTHRguNTNQcf-6oI6hotSeS8kX8TFxJ_Vg-LhegGxRBIFfvy3qrcSNGPgHgfSTSihDLroUWbieXWxQtJf4-a1VdGqRI7MWW-DRe5tAJT=s0-d-e1-ftVFC COLT M4A1 RIS II Forging / FSP GBBR (Colt Licensed)
Forging series RIS II inherited it’s high quality, VFC is complete presentation exquisite & realistic appearance from real gun.


8QKtDfz4X2YCHAgx83j1iHnGjV8cLJBq3t1XBW9QuQWY7A3qTVVWymQtAXwJ32d9x2ESuGwAk36-n6wp-XoBuZ-eCIyoL1ZOemI9dQ_FsZKqvaG8RLl7uOLfrHcYlpao=s0-d-e1-ftSHS High Speed Gear Set for Version 2 & Version 3 Gearbox (13:1)
SHS High Speed Gear Set for Gearbox V2/3 AEG. The sector gear is made with chrome molybdenum alloy steel.



(RedWolf Airsoft)

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