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A2 Supplies midweek update

by News Fairy

A2 Supplies have some new items in stock:

New Stock!

That’s right! its that time of week where the new deliveries roll in and the New stock Rolls out! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new goodies now in store! This weeks highlights are perfect for you CQB lovers!
HFC HG-138 Mini Launcher

HFC launcher 1

New from HFC -The HFC HG-138 is a solid Compact Grenade Launcher made entirely out of CNC machined Aluminium. It is perfect for use as both a first and last resort weapon, firing 40 BBs with a single squeeze of the trigger – almost like an under barreled shotgun/MOSCART shell.

HFC launcher 2Easy to use, simply fill the BBs in through the front using a speed loader, and then gas the launcher through the valve on the side. Once ready its as easy as point and shoot – making sure the trigger loop is pushed forwards and reset after firing!

HFC launcher 3Compatible with a standard 20mm RIS rail allows the launcher to be mounted under any pistol or rifle. The launcher even comes with it is own under mounted RIS rail allowing for the attachment of accessories such as torches, fore grips or even another Mini Grenade Launcher.


ARP9 1

Feel like its time for something a bit more unique? Looking for something to turn heads at your local field? New from G&G – The ARP-9! This compact and vicious looking AEG is perfect for those who want to dominate in CQB and look good whilst doing it!

ARP9 2Still retaining the same iconic AR style receiver and easy to use fire controls. What makes this weapon unique is its break away from the norm, taking slim 9mm Style magazines over the traditional STANAG style magazines. G&G’s ARP9 sticks to the same robust Polymer receiver system, keeping the weapon lightweight but also sturdy. Alongside this, the weapon has a metal 5" M-Lok style rail system, perfect for the attachment of accessories. To keep the short profile of the weapon, G&G have designed a sleek low profile retractable stock that sits nicely in the shoulder allowing the user to keep the weapon steady whilst darting around the field!

ARP9 3G&G have included a pre-installed MOSFET Allowing the user to shoot in either full auto or 3 round burst, alongside a programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) which increases trigger response and assists in preventing the trigger mechanism from locking up when firing rapidly on semi-auto.

Seen something you’re interesting in? Time to up your CQB Game? Check it out over on our website at www.a2supplies.co.uk or come and visit us in store!

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