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A2 midweek update

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:

Its been a while but we are back! With the festive season on us its time to think about treating yourself/others to some new Airsoft gifts!



Last Weekend we decided to step out of the Airsoft Threshold and once again Attended Reading Comic Con! Being the Second one of its kind we came back bigger and better than last year! With a wide range of things on show we were showing off our Range of Tactical Gear, LARP and Cosplay Items. We also used the Convention to showcase some of our Airsoft Movie Guns/Blasters and show off what we do!  With some Airsoft kit on show we soon saw Engagements with Jawa’s, Stormtroopers and even a Rogue Raptor that had Broken free from containment. With everyone entering the Festive mindset we decided to backtrack a little to Halloween and Give Pennywise the Clown an M60 for good measure.

We Hope some of you came down to see us!

Comic con Image 1Comic Con Image 2Comic Con Image 3Comic Con Image 4

Back to the New Stuff!

Shiny New BFGS!

Grenades! The Gifts that keep on giving! Especially when you score multiple kills with one! Thats right! We’ve finally received some New Dynatex Blank Firing Grenades in store! 
Dynatex Blank Firing Grenades have been around in the Airsoft industry for years! Many of us have scored kills/been killed by BFGs in our time! The Blank Firing Grenade was King of CQB – Pop it into a room and watch the dead players walk out with their heads held low. Perfect for breaking stalemates, room clearance and surprising people with a Bang!We are now Carrying the latest "Dominator" Impact grenade alongside the classic Timed Delay Grenades (3 second delay). Easy to Use and as loud as ever, these Grenades use .380 Auto Pistol Blanks and also come with adapters for Shotgun primers if you feel the need to tone things down a notch.

Dynatex 1Dynatex 2Dynatex 3

Feel like its time to ring in the festive season with a bang? or a 3 second delayed bang? Then check out these Iconic BFGs and the blanks needed to use them over on our Website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

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