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SSMG rule & realism update

by News Fairy

SSMG have sent out a little reminder for SSMG Mil.Ex. participants:


Since we have lots of international participants, we will bullhorn this out there.
This is no news, but more of a reminder for all you SSMG Mil.Ex. participants.
2018 is the first year all level five players (only) have to use either (T-BBS) tracer pellets or MFG (Muzzel Flash Generator).
SSMG level five Mil.Ex. participants are and is the fraction that tries out all the new stuff first. Pyro, tactics, gear, equipment, rules, game areas etc for evaluation. All exclusives and news pass through our most professional players before we bring them to the regulars. These participants put up with the toughest just to bring you the best.

…will be assigned our teams nighttime as a requirement with start on Op. Yeti. for all level five players and all SSMG Mil.Ex. events. The reason for this is to put more pressure on tactics for these teams.

You will this way be spotted firing your weapon through your muzzel flash, in darkness – like in real life, with real ammo – meaning that this will force our level five players to think twice about their assaults; giving a realistic advantage to you and your opponents, even without nightvision. Not being able to hide camping in darkness will force our Mil.Ex:ers to act more realistically on the battlefield, by being forced to choose assault and tactics more carefully, finnish the fights faster and not being able to stay in the same position for long. Unless you want to be a magnet for enemy fire that is.
This is just another step from SSMG to deliver one of the worlds most realistic battlefields there is. It is also a natural step now with new technologies available.
So! Night time means the seasonal time for Sun-down/Sun-rise. Search these times in the Internet calender for your event dates.
Of course, questions will rise, we will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us by any means.



Meanwhile watch this classic video and you will understand what we are talking about.

At your service,

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