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Jia Dyi: Chemistry in product combination

by News Fairy

Jia Dyi have shared details of some of their new products:

Honorable Clients,

Work with Jia Dyi can bring about unexpected chemistry among merchandise combinations; see what will we have for you this week.

WE SMG8 GBB submachine guns【GG302/GG302 Tan】

MP7 series developed by HK were meant to use rifle ammo in a submachine gun to increase its stopping power, which happened to be the most criticized in its ancestor, MP5 series. WE launched GBB models and successfully solicited the lovers of Marui MP7 AEG with full metal jacket and kick-back, and of course the sweet CP point.


WE M&P Gas Pistols【GP432/GP432-T/GP432-B/GP432-P/GP432-SV1】

WE issued M&P series to honor the real steel manufacturer, Smith & Wesson. M&P means the guns have successfully won orders both from the Military and Police departments. And Smith & Wesson has always a head-to-head competition to the famous manufacturers like G__lock and Beretta. WE had imitated the broad and thin grip equipped with exchangeable backstrap, especially suitable for shooters care about ergonomics. In the meantime, if you were tired of black finishing in the lower frame like G_Lock, M&P provides tan/blue/purple combinations along with colorful backstraps.


Maple Leaf “Crazy Jet®” inner tubes series【ML-CJ80~640】and set for KSC/KWA MP7 GBB 180mm【ML-CJ7S180】

In addition to the traditional tighter bore 6.02mm precision tubes, the Maple Leaf also offers the aerodynamic “Crazy Jet®” to the GBB market. With the concept of releasing pressure through double barrels at the front end, Carzy Jet® can form an air-conduit to make sure the BBs not being affected by side wind, it will work like an invisible extension outer barrel to increase the BBs flying distance.


Poseidon’s Air-cushion® technology set designed for the Japanese market【BR-POS-PA-014/015】【BR-POS-PG024/025】


All of them are customized to the Japanese market, it shows the technological capability of Poseidon has been acknowledged by the Japanese hobbyists.

The 110mm and 141mm AEG Air-cushion® tubes correspond to Tokyo Marui’s electric pistol, mp7、mp5,and G&G ARP9. The 92mm and 172mm GBB Air-cushion® inner barrel were meant for M&P and MP7.

50 degree of AEG/GBB hop-up rubbers provide more adhesive to wrap the lighter BBs to generate backspin and cumulate enough dynamic for hopup effect in lower FPS. Besides, the softer material is also suitable for cold weather, so that it will ease the harden consequence from low temperature.

In the ocean of business, Jia Dyi locates in the island of Airsoft manufacturer, Taiwan. We have dedicated ourselves to provide all kinds of solutions to your picky needs for years. We own the most experience and reputation in the industry, along with associated firms in Taiwan, our collaborative outcomes only for your satisfaction-quality, delivery time, and competitive price. Please feel free to contact Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com to see what ideas we can bring you.

(Jia Dyi)

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