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Jia Dyi: See who brings what to IWA 2018

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Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiSee who brings what in the coming IWA, 2018

Honorable clients,

Exhibition brings business opportunities, if you have no time to attend the IWA, Germany during 9th-12nd. in March, why not let Jia Dyi sort out an overview of our agent products that is going to be shown in IWA. We can supply the following airsoft merchandise to enrich your sales portfolio, you can save more and waiver from high minimum order dollar amount requirement set by single manufacturer, we maintain flexible because we know the only unchangeable is to keep changing to accommodate customers’ need.

SRCAll can be found regarding AEG and GBB

As an old and full-line air-soft manufacturer in Taiwan, SRC will bring its most distinguished products to the IWA – Its full series MP5 AEG with steel stamped upper receiver【EG-0531~0543 TMII】, SR4-ST Mamba sporty AEG【EG-1605/1606】, along with GBB series like golden 1911 MEU【GP-0736G】, Hi-capa series【GP-0741~0750】, and G36 series【GB-301~307】.


King ArmsUniqueness and thoughtfulness

CAA will join KA and present the hottest SMG conversion kit, RONI G1, along with their entry-level M4 RIS AEG powered by 7mm bearing reinforced gearbox, and a high-end for airsoft collectors, the King Arms Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG installed with 7mm bearing V.3 gearbox. Another amazing product was a carbon silencer made for KSC MP9/TP9.


HFCAbundant in basic models

Not just perform a versioning strategy on 1911 and M92 with grip conversion kits, they finally ship the AG-17, a joint product with SRU, at late January. Its CNC-machined aluminum slide equipped with hidden front/rear sights, and two finishing coating on slide, golden or black, HFC’s AG-17 will make his way among G_17 replicas in multiple brands. At the end, I wondered if its CO2 Powered Flintlock Pistol,【HG-138B,will be hold by Jack Sparrow in the next episode.


ICSIndustry Game-changer

Also welcomed by WWII fans in rehearsal, ICS will show the well-known M1 Garand AEG 【EG114in the fair, its real log wood body is extremely hard to build because a drop-in gearbox must be fitted inside. G36 AEG 【EG248with an adjustable folding stock will provide more ergonomics for players. ICS will also demonstrate its best-selling CXP16 series AEGs to prove its superiority in electronic control system, whether it is a MOSFET version, or SSS system which brings not only the safety but also a programmable capability like burst mode. For CQB fighter, ICS MGL【GG231can clear a room at single shot of gas grenade shell, not particular expensive as expected, and the MOQ is also very friendly.


Jia Dyi is a professional airsoft merchandise distributor in Taiwan with more than 25 years’s experience. We carry the most wide agent products in our portfolio, and will do our best to meet your varieties combination among brands with single window. At the end, our customers will find it is better to entrust Jia Dyi than to hire purchasing staffs to handle numerous affairs. We are desirous to receive your inquiry and confident to help you to get rid of those tedious affairs, so that you can focus on front end to bring about significant sale record. Hire Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com, we won’t fail you.

(Jia Dyi)

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