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A2 weekly update

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Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:

Looking for something a bit different? A bit more Gucci than your out of the Box AEG? We here at A2 also offer a Custom gun service if you’re after something a bit special!

C8 Customs

A customer came to us asking for a C8-ESQUE rifle – So we jumped to it! Working with a Nuprol Jackal AEG as a base gun we decided why just make one? When we could make 2! A short variant for CQB and a Long variant better suited for outdoor use! Check these out in store! (Yes, we know it’s NOT 100% Realsteel Elite Operator UsedbytheSAS! – but if you’re after a REPLICA and don’t want to break the bank, then look no further!)

So if you’re after something a little different, drop us an email at: info@a2supplies.co.uk!

Back to the New stuff!

M1A1 Thompson:

This week we’ve had a restock of the faithful Cyma M1a1 Thompson SMG! Perfect for you WW2 fans, its time to load up with a classic SMG! Whether you’re storming the Beaches, or fighting in CQB the Thompson will have your back!  

M1a1 Thompson

Alongside the Thompson we felt we’d give our WW2 Range a bit more love and provide some more magazines and accessories! Perfect for you WW2 Filmsim Players! With Plenty of Mag options to keep you in the fight, we are now offering the Shorter (20 Rd Style) Snow Wolf 210rd Hi-cap Magazines. Not all WW2 Games like the Rattle of High-Cap Mags, so why not stock up with a Box of King Arms Thompson magazines? These lightweight Polymer Mid-Cap magazines hold 110rds with no rattle! Nothing creates immersion more than the panic of reloading mid-combat! Keep your eyes peeled as we will slowly be restocking our range of WW2/classic Airsoft guns!

Sneaky Business:

Lets round of the week with some Sneaky Sneaky! The silenced pistol has always been a big favorite in Airsoft. Unleash your inner James Bond with a Mock suppressor! With many Pistol Barrels already threaded, all you need is a Pistol Thread adapter, a Suppressor, and you’re good to go! We carry a wide range of suppressors in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs!

Silencers 1Silencers 2

But why stop at a Mock Suppressor..? Why not a Tracer unit!? Screw it on, load up with tracers and wait for the grin when you pull the trigger! Something more compact perhaps? Why not try the Acetech Lighted Pistol tracer! Once of the brightest and most effective pistol tracers on the market! Wait..? You want it even smaller? We are also now stocking the Tiny Xcortech Tracer Units! Another fantastic option for those of you looking for a reliable and incredibly bright tracer unit!

So maybe you’re after Something special? Or maybe just looking for an excuse to get out and play now that the Beast from the East has gone… Check out these fantastic new Products and More over on our website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

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