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Training machetes & axes @Land Warrior Airsoft

by News Fairy

Land Warrior Airsoft are now stocking plastic training axes and machetes:

Land Warrior Airsoft now have in stock plastic training axes and machetes!

The machete is made from a durable polymer, the blade is flexible enough to be used safely in any airsoft game. It also includes a sheath with molle attachments on the rear to fit it to any belt, chest rig or plate carrier.


The axe is also made from a durable harder polymer and includes a molle compatible velcro looped holder to keep it attached to the user and close to hand.


Both of these products are perfect for self defence training and are safe enough for use on the airsoft field, and at £19.99 each an inexpensive accessory to finish that load-out.

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

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