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Zero One Airsoft stock exchange sale

by News Fairy

Here is al the latest news from Zero One Airsoft:

Over here at Zero One Airsoft, our Stock Exchange Sale is in full flow, with loads of great bargains to still be had!

As an example, we currently have (at the time of writing) the G&G TR16 CRW Cannon AEG at £172.80, down from £289.95!!

See all of our Stock Exchange items here.



New in from Airsoft Innovations, we have the Gas Cyclone Impact Grenade. With up to 140 BB’s spraying out at 225FPS, room clearing fun can be yours for only £44.95



For all you mid cap users out there, this Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloading Tool will help you get those mags filled MUCH quicker!

It holds 1600 BB’s, and will fit in a double sized M4 mag pouch or similar. Easy to use, with a flip out winding handle, you can say goodbye to slow mid cap reloads !! £48.95



(Zero One Airsoft)

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