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G&G delivery @Zero One Airsoft

by News Fairy

Zero One Airsoft have just received a new delivery from G&G:

Here at Zero One Airsoft, we have just had a massive G&G Armament re-stock, including the awesome GPM92 GBB Pistol.

This beauty has a revolutionary “Whirl Cylinder Valve” which reduces frost build up when fired, and allows the gun to be used in most weather conditions. It comes complete with a speed loader and magazine, all neatly stowed in it’s own carry case. Available in Black, Tan or Olive. In stock and ready to ship, £108.95. But be quick, our last shipment sold out in less than a day !!



Also new in, the WE T416C GBB Rifle. This fantastic looking rifle is full metal, with a retractable stock, strong recoil action and a realistic weight and feel. We also like the fact that bolt locks back when the mag is empty.  In stock and ready to ship, £329.95



(Zero One Airsoft)

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