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New deliveries at Gunfire

by News Fairy

Gunfire have some new items in stock:

New delivery of Specna Arms CORE ™ replicas! Products from this series are characterized by a durable and light construction. They are equipped with a solid gearbox, a precise, rotary HU chamber, and the quick spring change system- CORE™.


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New, grey series of tactical gloves from Armored Claw is now available at Gunfire! The new line includes almost all models of gloves known to you, such as Shield Flex™ or Covertpro.


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New delivery from Airsoft Engineering! You will find in it great silencers from lines Covert Tactical Pro and  Standard, green gas tank adaptors and many useful internal parts.


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We have restocked our storehouse with IMI Defense products. Beside well-known products, the delivery includes brand new, black line of accessories. Among them are Level 2 holsters or stock guides and magazines for AK.


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We have received big shipment of high-quality protective gear from American manufacturer Alta Industries. Their offer consists of knee guards and elbow protection pads available in various camouflage patterns.


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The Tippmann GBB replica, which can be powered both with CO2 capsules and HPA tank, has just returned to our offer! What’s more, only in Gunfire you can buy a complete HPA set at a very attractive price!


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Big delivery from GFC Tactical! It contains over 300 products including bags, backpacks, vests, pouches and many other elements of tactical equipment.



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