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A2 weekly update

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Here is all the latest stock news from A2 Supplies:

The AS02 Has Landed!

The long wait is finally over! This week we finally received some of the awesome new Amoeba AS02 Striker Scout Rifles! Developed from the tried and Tested AS01, the AS02 is considered a more compact "Recon Rifle" designed for quick target acquisition and easy maneuverability. Still retaining the same high quality on both the internal and externals, the AS02 sees a few cosmetic differences.

AS02 Image 1
AS02 Image 2AS02 Image 3
AS02 Image 4AS02 Image 5

Starting off it comes equipped with a short barrel as standard, alongside an enhanced lower receiver with a more ergonomic grip and cheek rest. To the rear of the rifle sits a rubberised Butt plate which comes with a folding shoulder support to boot. The Front end of the rifle still retains the same modular system, however the ASO2 stock now has M-Lokslots for Rails and accessories. To aid reloading the rifle now comes with a low profile magazine well which is considered easier to use over the standard magazine well.


AS02 Image 6AS02 Image 7AS02 Image 8

These rifles are lightweight, highly maneuverable and also modular to suit the users needs. Perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

A Return to the Classics!

Kicking things off with a flashy new Sniper rifle we decided to return to some classics! With that never ending wave of Tactical M4/AR Platforms, we always aim to have a little variety in our Showroom!


The Venerable MP5 has become somewhat of a firearms Icon since its initial development back in the 1960s, seeing widespread use in both Hollywood action flicks and out on the streets in the hands of law enforcement worldwide! Available in a number of variants, there is a wide number of Airsoft Replicas out on the market! From Jing Gong we’ve just received a number of replicas: The MP5a5, SD5 and SD6.

MP5 Image 1

These MP5s are all highly affordable thanks to their mostly polymer construction, which also keeps them lightweight and easy to maneuver, especially in tight spaces! These Replicas still feature some metal parts, such metal barrel, Iron Sights, fire Selector Switch, Trigger and Stock Arms. (MP5A5 Only)

MP5 Image 2MP5 Image 3

Available in 3 variants, the MP5A5 comes equipped with the Standard handguard and a retractable Stock, allowing the user to adjust the overall length of the weapon. If you’re aiming for a classic POLICE/SWAT Loadout then this gun will fit the bill! For those of you going for the more Covert SAS look, we would recommend the SD5 and SD6! Both feature the unique looking suppressed front end, with the SD5 sporting a fixed stock, and the SD6 having a retractable stock.

Everyone Needs and AK!

If the MP5 doesn’t tickle your fancy then how about something Rustic and Eastern..? The Good Old AK47! 2 more fantastic Replicas from Jing Gong, We now have both the Classic AK47 and the AKS74U Now in store!

AK image 1

The Iconic AK47 is a perfect piece for anyone after an Eastern Bloc Loadout or even just feel like an alternative to the run of the mill M4! The two have fought head to head for decades and its time to keep up that tradition out on the Airsoft field. The JG AK47 is yet another highly affordable replica. Constructed with a full metal receiver, this model comes with a sturdy faux wood handguard and stock which still looks the part! Equipped with a 500Rd Hi-cap mag, and the choice between semi and full auto will make you a red menace out on the field!

AK image 2

For those of you after something a little more compact we also now have the JG AKS74U in store! Featuring identical controls to the full size AK47, this version comes equipped with a shorter front end coupled with a full metal folding stock which turns this weapon into a close in death dealer for CQB games! The JG AKS7U once again features a full metal Receiver and folding stock alongside a real wood frontend making this a rock solid piece of kit!

AK image 3

Maybe its time to ghillie up and get your Recce On? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a break from the Airsoft Norm..? Check out these awesome weapons and many more over on our website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

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