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A2 weekly update

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Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:

Another week, another batch of shiny new kit to add to our moving sale! This week we’ve seen some awesome new arrivals in store! If you’re looking to grab a bargain then now is the time!


Kicking things off we have the brand new Ares M45X-S AEGs! A new contender on the Pistol Caliber Carbine Market, the ARES M45 has a few features which lets it hold its head high above its competitors. For those of you living under a rock, lets recap the M45s cool features:

M45 Image 1

For Starters it is incredibly compact, the M45 features a stock which can be both extended and even folded for transporting it. (So small it can fit in a rucksack! However folding the stock does disconnect the battery connectors – Sad Face)

M45 Image 2

Internally it features the tried and tested Ares Electronic Fire Control System (EFCS) which allows for a rapid trigger response. One thing to point out is that the M45 also features a slightly different grip angle, this is all thanks to the new Ares slimline motor mounted inside! The much steeper grip angle is incredibly comfortable over more conventional grip angles.

M45 Image 3

But it doesn’t end there! The M45 also features a cool quick change front end system, allowing the whole front end of the gun to be twisted and removed in seconds! With a variety of other front ends to eventually chose from, you can make the gun longer to suit your play style. Alongside this choice in front ends, Ares also announced a variety of stocks, muzzle breaks and even A drum magazine! Another great option for those of you looking to change things up a bit!


Up Next we have a cool piece of kit for those of you looking to spend some money on your ARES AS01 or AS02, This incredibly modular rifle has just opened up a whole new avenue of customization thanks to the new Ares Amoeba CNC M-Lok Handguard.

MLOK AS02 image 1MLOK AS02 Image 2

As you can see, we took not time at all to slap this baby onto an Ares AS02 Scout Rifle and create a mean and modern looking Sniper rifle. As you can see, theCNC M-Lok Hanguard provides both a durable and highly ergonomic front end with plenty of space for accessories on all angles! Bi-Pods, PEQ Boxes, Lights, Lasers, the kitchen sink – This front end has room for all of that! The best bit is that it is both quick and easy to install, providing you with a sleek modular platform in a matter of minutes!

MLOK AS02 Image 3MLOK AS02 Image 4MLOK AS02 Image 5

AIM-O Tactical Scope

Rounding things off we have another new addition from AIM-O optics! The Excellent 1-4×24 Tactical Scope is a highly affordable choice for anyone looking for variable zoom "Short Dot Style" of rifle optic.

AIMO Image 1

Available in both Black and DE (We Currently are stocking the Black Variant), the Tactical Scope features solid full metal construction and even comes with two scope rings to allow it to be mounted onto any rifle. However If you feel like spicing things up the scope will fit almost any 30mm Scope mount as shown below.

AIMO Image 2

Simple and easy to use, the Scope can be zeroed easily using the windage and elevation dials which feature easy to grip surfaces so you can make easy adjustments whilst out on the field. For the variable zoom simply twist the collar located towards the rear of the scope allowing you gradually zoom from 1x all the way to 4x for those hard to reach targets. Overall this Optic is perfect for those of you DMR players or even riflemen who prefer engaging targets at a variety of distances!

Perhaps its time to change things up with the funky new M45? Maybe your Striker needs a bit of a Makeover? Or you simply need a short-dot solution with a variable zoom scope? All of these cool new products and many more are all part of our moving sale! So Grab yourself a bargain over at www.a2supplies.co.uk

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