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Airsoft replica 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

Anyone fancy a NPO 9A91? Here’s a new overview of the NPO AEG by the manufacturers themselves:

Airsoft Mike reviews the ARCTURUS GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-BK

Airsoft Mike has reviewed the Arctururus GR16 courtesy of Taiwan Gun. Here’s his latest video:

LCT Airsoft: build your own AK and forward optical rail

Bellas at LCT Airsoft has sent through a couple of new videos. There is their new “build your own AK” video and a video showing their AK forward optical rail interface for their  VZK-MSU / LCKMSU / LCKS-74UN AEG series:

JAG Precision: VFC M4ES Lancer AEG

You can now find VFC’s M4ES Lancer in at JAG:


Overall Length: 1000mm
Weight: 3350g
Magazine: 300R (Hi Cap)
Barrel Length: 20"/504mm
Receiver Material: Aluminum
Hand Guard/Grip: Nylon/Fiber
Stock: Nylon/Fiber
Gear Box: High Precision Reinforced V2 Gear Box
Gear Set Material: High Strength Steel Gear
Bushing Material: 8mm Steel Bushing
Hop-up Chamber: Polymer
Motor: 30000 rpm Hi-Torque
Piston: Polymer
Spring Guide: Steel with Ball Bearing Spring Guide
Suitable Battery: 9.6V NiMh/11.1V Li-Poly
Series Number: Unique
Bolt Catch Function: Enable
Ambi-Selector: Disable
Muzzle Velocity: 400 + FPS


(JAG Precision)

Predator Intelligence: airsoft Izhmash AK-74M photos

imagePosted over at Predator Intelligence is some more new about the airsoft Izhmash AK-74M. Expected around September sometime this may well be one of the “best” built AK’s we’ve seen for some time:


The prolific weapons manufacturer behind the AK makes no bones about it that they will be targeting market figures of 40K airsoft players along with military training prospects. The US military already makes use of M4/M16 version along with a variety of other weapon facsimiles for training purposes, so it is not a stretch for AK options to serve similar purposes and we are sure the appeal of an Izhmash produced airsoft gun will certainly drive sales. They already see the purpose of use for Russian youth in training for sport.

[Read More]

(Predator Intelligence)

Airsoft Megastore Mega Epic Stash #2 – AEG Edition

Airsoft Megastore are running the second round of their Mega Epic Stash, as far as I can see (in simple terms) you pay out 139.95USD and receive a random item from their list which includes free delivery. Seems like a pretty cracking deal to me:

The Airsoft Megastore Mega Epic Stash #2 – AEG Edition is here!

Due to the success of our first Mega Epic Stash, we are bringing it back bigger and better than ever! This time around, we’ve decided to up the ante by releasing an AEG only edition of the stash. This allows for you to have a chance at purchasing a VFC HK416 AEG & H&K G36KV AEG, Classic Army Krebs AK47 & M15A4 CQB AEG, KWA KM4 CQB, G&G FNC & FN2000, King Arms Galil SAR & SVD Dragunov AEG and MUCH MORE for only $139.95 with free shipping! Be sure to check back on TODAY, Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 3:00PM PST (6:00PM EST) when it goes live!

Click here for more details: [link]


Below is the break down items that you can possibly receive by purchasing a Mega Epic Stash. Every order also receives a free set of Airsoft Megastore exclusive patch set.


Click here for more details [link].

To make this deal even sweeter, it will qualify for true free shipping without any coupon codes.


Also, don’t forget to watch our July 4th Independence Day Tribute:

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(Airsoft Megastore)

Shoei: MG42 GBB/AEG prototype videos

Here’s the latest from Shoei:

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

We sell MKb42 (H) model gun soon. MP43/1, Mix MKb42, and MP43 are manufactured simultaneously. Many do not manufacture. Please hurry reservation, if required.

Moreover, we uploaded new video to "You Tube." Please enjoy it.

It apologizes for having become troublesome mail to those who are not interested in this.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Greetings from Japan.

Besr regards,

Tomio Matsumoto, (Shoei Seisakusho Inc., Japan)

Shot Show: playing with the Magpul PDR AEG

Alex of Magpul PTS was kind enough to show off the Personal Defense Rifle (PDR) to myself and Alex (National Airsoft Magazine) when we popped by their booth at the Shot Show last week. I was sat there like a bear with a sore head suffering somewhat from the late night before . Micah had convinced me that “..the bar that looked like it was from Mass Effect” was a good idea. I can’t complain, the whisky was good!

The PDR is functional but not quite at the final production stage yet. That said the external body parts seen here are all pretty much final moulds, and not 3D prototype plastic.

It’s possibly worth remembering that the real PDR has not made it into production as the project has been shelved. Thus in relation to UK specific laws on import/export of airsoft Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs) as the real weapon doesn’t exist this is arguably not a realistic replica of a firearm. Don’t quote me on that though, consult your nearest shop for further advice.


Whilst this was seen last year at Shot Show 2011 further advances have been made and there’s now a working shell ejection area and we got to look inside at the now functional gearbox.

Inside you’ll find a custom gearbox shell with the motor in at an angle given the tight space and a 10 inch barrel. There’s room for a battery inside the front grip and (possibly) further room over the inner barrel if the design is changed a little. To get to the internals simply push both of the body pins out, remove the rear shoulder pad and rotate the upper forwards. Access to the hop unit is by a hole in the top.

It’s intended that the final production run will clock in at around 350fps, be serial numbered and that there will be a short p-mag in the box. Standard m4 magazines should also be compatible. It is expected to cost around 300USD when launched towards the Summer of this year.

The trigger is a two stage unit that will be familiar to any TM AUG user, pulling in slightly gives the user single shot, whilst pulling the trigger in all the way gives you spray and pray mode.


The PDR does somewhat remind me of the Bushmaster armpistol we saw in November 2002, obviously this is more polished design which could almost be the real world counterpart to the Zastaba Nosle CZN-M22 "9Weapon" from Ghost in the Shell.

The forward face of the fore-grip has the provision for a lamp/laser pressure switch to be installed. There’s talk of a grip extension to allow the use of a larger li-po style battery, but nothing has been confirmed.

ASG: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 final prototype at SHOT Show

While we’re on the topic of news from ActionSportGames (see previous post) of the ASG CZ Scorpion Here are my own photos of the prototype from their booth.

I’d like to thank the guys from ActionSportGames for taking the time to go through the product so thoroughly with me and answering all my questions.


Bear in mind that whilst this is the final working product the tooling for full scale production has not been started so certain details such as cost and the final package may change before launch; for example the hop adjustment has yet to be finalised.

To sum up the results of our conversation with ASG: this is a totally new AEG which will be built in Europe by ASG and is fully licensed. This is their design and their own in-house work. It’s an electric rifle with a proprietary gearbox and standard parts, there’s no fuse as it runs an intelligent programmable circuit (IC) that not only protects the internals from failure but controls the burst system. I’m told you can short the motor out and the IC will simply cut the power, reconnect it correctly and it’ll fire again. I’m also told that the IC will detect jams and barrel issues (such as obstructions) and cut the firing system to protect the internals. The unit is intended to be driven from a stick battery which runs along the inside of the CZ above the gearbox.

There’s a single, burst and full auto feature. It will come with standard magazines, hi-cap magazines may appear but not at initial release. UPDATE: I almost forgot, it also locks back on the last shot.

The CZ is built from a low number of parts and can easily be stripped down. The main spring can be removed from the rear stock area without having to disassemble the rifle. You simply fold the stock forward, rotate the spring follower (seen above) 90 degrees and withdraw the spring. Whilst it’ll be shipping at around 1J the gearbox is currently anticipated to be able to take springs that are vastly in excess of that. From our chat it seems that 1.7J would be an upper safe upgrade limit out the box. Whilst that power level may not be suitable for most sites and environments it gives you an idea of the build quality and the anticipated strength of the internals.

Cost is expected to be in the vicinity of around 350USD but this is certainly not confirmed.

I can’t wait to see the production versions myself, whilst this was a prototype printed polymer, and therefore fragile by it’s very nature, the CZ was still pretty firm and of a good balance/weight. That said the front grip and folding stock are from the final design moulds. I’m personally excited to see an AEG that can (on paper) can tick all the boxes to be taken down to my local CQB site,  which can be easily tuned for power with a reliable burst system.

Watch this space for more news from ASG, they are pushing hard into the US market now and their licensing opens up the doors to a wealth of previously unseen airsoft replicas.

Airsoft BOLT B4A1 BRSS in stock Dec 13th

Airsoft Club in Greece are due to take in a stock of BOLT B4A1 BRSS around December 16th:

The new BOLT B4A1 BRSS will be in stock the 13th of December
Due to the highest demand you can pre-order it TODAY from our e-shop PRE- ORDER NOW BEFORE STΟCK RUNS OUT !!

Airsoft Club is the exclusive distributor in Greece and the first in
Europe to have it in stock

Brand Mission: To produce the best quality Automatic Electric Guns with realistic "kick-Back" action.


The brand-new, patented design of Bolt Recoil Shock System (B.R.S.S.) is ideal for the survival game players and the collectors of militaria. One single gun can provide both realistic "kick-back" simulation of a Gas Blow Back (GBB) and the continuous shooting pleasure of a Automatic Electric Guns.

fjyjj7787878B.R.S.S. (Bolt Recoil Shock System): B.R.S.S. is a revolutionary design with International Patents Registered.

This system simulates the recoil force of a real rifle by transferring the kinetic energy from piston to the reciprocating weight hammer inside the stock using a high efficient energy transferring mechanism.

The movement of the reciprocating hammer creates the "kick" as you are firing a real rifle.

Unlike the previous recoil simulating design, the innovative BRSS system is a new and powerful AEG recoil system with countless endurance tests.

  • Patents Pending in the following countries: Japan, USA, Taiwan, China,
    Hong Kong, and EU
  • Powerful Recoil – The B.R.S.S. inside provides both high capacity of shooting numerous BB pellets of AEG and powerful recoil characteristic of GBB.
  • Low Energy Consumption – The 7.4V Li-Po battery is efficient enough to power up the entire system
  • High Durability – Modify-grades parts packed with powerful motor inside for long durability
  • High Compatibility – Compatible for the original AEG Magazines and over 90% parts are compatible to the original AEG gear-box
  • Item Weight:2850(gram)
  • Length:761mm / 851mm (Extended)
  • Barrel Length:365mm
  • AEG Motor: High Torque Type BM300T
  • Barrel Thread Diameter:6.03mm
  • Magazine Capacity:310 rounds
  • Auto Firing Rate :8.4V@600, 9.6V@840 Rounds per Min

Watch the BOLT B4A1 in action:

Best regards, Bobby, (Airsoft Club – TacSim Ltd.)

Echo1USA News – new Echo1USA GAT …indeed!

imageYou know what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like this?

Jack Burton always had a lot to say (in general).


It was some 10 years ago that I first fell in love with the Maruzen KG9 and it was around 10 years before that that Big Trouble in Little China (BTILC) came out on the TV. In its day the KG9 was a pretty awesome GBB; BTILC remains on my DVD shelf to this day!

Now our buddies at ECHO1 are working on an AEG version with metal upper and a decent gearbox. There’s none of those poor plastic gears previously seen in TM AEPs in there. Here’s the latest: 

Echo1USA News – Sneak Peak at the New Echo1USA GAT and Gearbox

The GAT uses a new gearbox design for the shell due to size but you can still use standard and upgrade gears and pistons. The shell uses 8mm bushings as well making it great for high speed CQB action metal upper and plastic lower.



To decode my randomness feel free to peruse the Wing Kong Exchange. Remember it’s recommend to buff up in the gym and buy a Fu Manchu vest when you place your order.

King Arms – Product update 21 May 2008

Mark over at King Arms has sent a mail out covering their latest release the L1A1:

Hi Gents,

This is Mark from King Arms again, how are you all doing? It has been a few days already since last update, wish you all are doing fine. As I mentioned in last email, there will be another update soon so here you go. I just want to let you know that people in King Arms are all very enthusiastic about airsoft and we are constantly trying to make better products. After the team working their butts off for the past six months, we are glad that we’ve got what we wanted. We like to take this chance to share our love to the airsoft community by providing a realistic shooting experience to all the skirmishers and collectors.


image006 image007  image002
image003 image004 image005

So here I am to proudly present to you all our newest AEG, the full metal L1A1. The main feature is that it has a special designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism to simulate the real firearm blowback action, it is a simple but it is a stable design which is very reliable. Other features including Semi/Auto fire, 7mm bearing gearbox, and capability to store battery up to 12V. A picture better than a thousand words and I will let you guys do the judging. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question, thank you very much!

Best regards,

Mark, (King Arms)

Rumours from KingArms

Stephen has sent in some rumours he heard from KingArms:

Hi there, just thought I would pass on some very good news from King Arms that I received after enquiring about their long promised L1A1 SLR replica.

As you may know, King Arms have long been promising the release of this AEG, right off the back of their popular FN FAL range in fact, but everything went suspiciously quiet on that front for a long time. In the meantime, STAR Airsoft released their L1A1 (and now Gun WorkShop has announced their custom L1A1).

So I contacted King Arms, and the good news is that the KA L1A1 AEG should be with us by Easter!

Quote: “Since Star Released their L1A1. Our engineer finally change their mind and add features.  So , the release date is postponed again.

Last nite I talked with them.  They said L1A1 is really under massive production period. Hope that the L1A1 will be released before Easter.

Thanks for your support. Best Regards…King Arms Sales.”

Quite what the changes to the King Arms SLR – motivated by the STAR release – will be is hard to say, since the KA SLR is based on their already proven and successful FN FAL series. One can only surmise that perhaps they were waiting to see if STAR was going to replicate the original weapons ‘semi-auto only’ mechanism (which it has), or whether STAR was going to fudge the design by adding a ‘skirmish friendly’ full-auto facility.

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